Seley\ We (very) infrequently attend local geek-type conventions, and these are some notes I jotted down from the last one.

As a kid I loved the panels on things like comics, costume, and video game creation, so I tried attending those again as an adult – forgetting that they’re structured for total newbies. That’s not a bad thing by any means, it just meant I wasn’t able to fill up hours with panels anymore…
The anime referenced in panel three, if you’re curious, is Attack on Titan. We went straight from the bar to the screening, and that was a mistake. Attack on Titan is a tragic anime you’re supposed to take seriously, and I am very very bad at taking things seriously when I drink (yes, I gave it another chance when I was sober and enjoyed it, you don’t have to insist that I do so).

I think we spent more time in the bar than on the convention floor. 😛

Fox\ We do. We’re just too high level for this dungeon.