Seley\  To be fair, for the past two days we’ve been running around catching Pokemon, can you really blame us for forgetting we’re adults?

Fox\ I was one of the early-adopters of smartphones. I had the Motorola Q9 before most people knew how to differentiate them from a PDA or Blackberry. While I enjoy ubiquitous technology, I never liked giving up my keypad, and while I’ve a bluetooth keyboard, it’s still too clunky to use frequently. But once the wearable headsets came out I instantly started wearing my LG HBS700 everywhere, and tend to be the one simply asking Google when other people are pondering questions out-loud. When is sunset today? Navigate to The Smithsonian. Dial 867-5309. Call Mandy Seley. Define antidisestablishmentarianism.
I wouldn’t want to go back to a time when we couldn’t just ask Google.