1. Gthefurrybiker

    Cooler than Fox? High praise indeed! You guys did a fantastic job of the car and the costumes 🙂 Good to see you
    both had a fun time, wish i could have been there myself (likely at the bar) but even getting over to the States at
    all is an expensive trip for me from the UK, and most of my funds go into my motorcycle habit. Eh, maybe one day.

    Also i didn’t realize how much effort it took to buy the Charger. But i’m glad you did.

  2. Ethan

    I too have a police package charger tho mine is a 2012. Mine is also decked out in lights tho street legal in Indiana you can have read amber and white in the rear and white and amber all around the rest and so I have such in my car no blue lights. As far as speed… wellllllll I’ve played with mine alittle and put a monster sized cam in the engine as wel as tuned it. Unfortunately mine was t new to me I am the 2nd owner and my car now has 12xxxx some
    Miles and 5000 hours on he engine.. also the other way to get one of these is if you are in law enforcement of a first responder/ fire fighter.
    buying one new is quite the feet btw and I’m impressed with that

  3. Kothnok

    Was great to meet you both and take a gander at the car to boot! The story behind just aquiring the car is worthy of all the effort you’ve put into decorating it. 🙂

  4. Lucario

    If you have questions about hobbyist 3D printers, you can check http://www.thingiverse.com which has a bunch of specialized groups for answering questions and tons of people who have made awesome stuff. I browse it fairly regularly, as I have a few printers myself.

    I also tend to check this comic every week, and often multiple times in a week (for some odd reason).

  5. Spector

    That beats my story….

  6. DarkriderZX

    Holy cow, dude… That is awesome.

  7. TANAG

    It certainly made for an interesting story, I’ve always wondered just how you managed to purchase it.

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