1. Stripedfox

    I don’t know what I like better the writing on the cake of the explosion

  2. Felis Manul
    Felis Manul

    Heh… I suppose shouting “Fire in the hole!” is too late?

    • Hayden

      fire in the CAKE hole!

  3. Michael C
    Michael C

    Maybe you should have used a jam?

  4. Palmetto Cactus
    Palmetto Cactus

    This is why you don’t do EVERYTHING Duff Goldman does to cake…

  5. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    Hah! 🙂 Makes me wonder if they did the Anvil Launching at the Museum of Appalachia this year. 🙂

  6. Xezlec

    To do such a thing to a sweet, innocent cake. Monster!

  7. DivRank

    It’s fun to see Connor as a regular for these shenanigans.

  8. Treesong

    Seley tail!
    I was close enough to the fireworks yesterday that the explosions vibrated through me as I lay on the bridge looking up. Eee!

  9. Uncle Bilbo
    Uncle Bilbo

    Now I wonder what type of gun Fox uses to hunt Easter Eggs.

  10. Ranstone

    I like the lighting. And the distant trees in the background look real clever.

  11. Welsh Rat
    Welsh Rat

    Fox, do you know a Polar Bear called Doc? He seems to have similar interests. http://www.the-whiteboard.com/

  12. DaveEscape

    I’m surprised Fox didn’t just shoot the cake.

  13. Porsupah

    Personally, I think I’d go with lasers. ^_^

  14. S'aaruuk

    Fox, you ‘n’ I have GOTS to get together to make some stuff for NEXT year. Unless yer powder got damp, this wuz just a bit on the wimpy side……at least by my standards. Ya didn’t leave a crater!!!!! 😉

    • Cryshalsing

      S’aar…Perhaps I should try to get to Fl. Next year…Sounds like fun 😉

      I’ll leave the experimental fireworks at home 😀

      • S'aaruuk

        NOOOO……BRING ‘EM……the more boom the better. Trust me, my neighbors are used to it. 😉

  15. S.A. Sims
    S.A. Sims

    At least Connor is looking on the bright side I suppose.

  16. Pixie

    I should have given this idea to my boyfriend with all his fireworks

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