I like the little gag of the air hose breaking the wall between the last two panels.

    • DaveEscape

      Lol! I didn’t even notice that! 😀

  2. Brighttail

    Ah the sacrifices Fox must deal with for Seley’s artistic license. I think she has orange on the brain after that powder incident….

    • Mandy

      It is one of my favorite colors!

  3. wizdum

    I have ruined more than one set of nice aluminum sawhorses that way. I always forget to change the depth after switching from 8 pennies to spikes.

    • DaveEscape

      I once had a Hitachi nail gun; as you know, the safety has to be fully depressed to activate the trigger, but as a first time user I thought I had the hang of it (i’ve shot guns before; piece of cake)
      After going full auto, I have yet to find the other three nails I sent sailing around the garage.

  4. Joel

    So basically, Fox is like a more destructive version of Mr. Fixit

  5. anthony_lion

    I really hope Fox is using ear-protection of some sort, for compressors are LOUD! When I use mine, I usually work outside the garage, with the compressor inside, connected with an extra-long hose.

    • Fox

      The decibels produced by compressors vary widely.
      While safety is at the forefront of most of our endeavors, and my PPE is hanging right by the door as I walk into the shop, this compressor is relatively quiet. Quiet enough that I can work without my ‘ears’ on, though I’m generally listening to headphones.
      For reference, my circular saw is far louder and will cause my ears to ring if I don’t wear protection.
      But yes, the plan is to move the compressor to a sound-dampened room, run a line to the hose spool I have and use tools from there.

      • OldeWolfe

        The loudest tool in my barn is an old surface planer. I have to wear plugs *and* earmuffs if I have a lot of wood to mill. Compared to that, my compressor is downright quiet.

  6. Fred Brown
    Fred Brown

    . Just waking up; now I do so with a nice laugh. TY is owed.

    A fox after my own heart. I’m in the middle of a ton of construction/roofing work. I *need* that airgun, like, reeeal bad.

    • Fox

      I just watch for deals on certain websites.
      This is a stop-gap compressor and I got the gun pretty cheap.

      Just don’t sacrifice the quality to offset the cost. Get good name brands with good reviews, for the best price possible.

      So…typical Iron Triangle:
      Pick two.

      In the case of my recommendation…it might take a while. 🙂

  7. DaveEscape

    … Milwaukee?

    • Wizdum

      Thats what I thought at first, but I don’t think they make small compressors.

      • BrockPaine

        Porter Cable’s compressors are red and black.

    • A Nonny Mouse
      A Nonny Mouse

      Milwaukee – red and black
      Craftsman – red and black
      Porter Cable – red and black
      Black and Decker – red-orange and black
      Ridgid – orange and black

      Not sure of other brands with red-and-black (or close) color schemes. I’m guessing Craftsman is the brand Fox has.

      • Fox

        Wow, I screwed that up. That’s what I get for just trying to come up with something quick to say so I could get back to work.
        I completely forgot about Craftsman. Ever since their quality started to decline I only use them for handtools and the lifetime warranty.
        And Milwaukee is branded into my head as “red & white” because I only look at their logo. Great tools, but when I spend that much a tool, I get a Makita.
        The two tools pictured are PC. I’ve no complaints about them so far.

  8. McMashMead

    What was Fox building?

    • stripedfox

      A new panel for the comic now

    • Fox

      A fence, I guess. Sort of.
      Framing lattice for around the HVAC unit. I don’t blame Mandy for not wanting to draw all those lines.

      • McMashMead

        Makes sense. I was just wondering cuz you didn’t seem all to concerned about the wood being crushed, but that was just too much wood for you to be screwing around with a new tool 🙂

  9. Xezlec

    I don’t think I ever fully understood the “Team Actually” thing. It’s just any time somebody mentions a fact about something? Or is it more specific than that?

    • A Nonny Mouse
      A Nonny Mouse

      I’ve never heard it before this commentary, so I’m with you.

    • Fox

      I had it burned into my memory as “Team Actually”, but it’s actually called The Actually Squad.
      Pun intended.

    • Mandy

      Actually, the most likely problem here is incorrect staple length, but even if that’s not it, I wouldn’t immediately assume a pressure problem, I think Fox just didn’t correctly tighten the connections, it takes exactly six and three-eighths turns to get the right seal…”

      It’s not a problem to bring up facts (like talking about which tool brands are red and black) or talk about things (like people here comparing compressors/tool stories) or even criticize the comic (like wondering what he’s building, it’s a fair point that I didn’t make it clear here) – but it’s hard not to find it a little tedious when “oops, did something incorrectly!” is the entire basis of the joke.

      “Fox follows proper safety protocol 100% of the time and nothing goes wrong” would be a really dull comic, after all! 😀

  10. awalker1829

    That seems like an awfully small air compressor for Fox. No real shop is complete without air driven tools.

    Our workshop is powered by a Campbell-Hausfield compressor. The shop and hangar are piped for compressed air at multiple outlets. The compressor is located in the Compressor Room along with the air tanks.

    • Fox

      When you live in a townhouse, you learn to live within constraints.
      For half the price we paid for this townhouse, we could have a farm and a large single family home with a ‘compressor room’.
      But then I’d have an hour long commute every day, rather than ten minutes.
      In my experience, a large tank is only necessary if your compressor can’t keep up with you.
      If my demands on it increase, I’ll switch to a Makita bigbore or just build a belt driven two-stroke and put it behind some baffles.

      • awalker1829

        I know what you mean. I’m looking at a townhouse that’s literally a ten minute walk from my office right now. Right now my commute is 45 minutes by express bus. The buses are comfy but the amount of time sucks-especially in 100+ degree heat.

        The reason that we had the air system installed was at the time, Dad was building an airplane and the system had several machines connected to it. Most of the machines have been removed and disposed of since that plane was written off in a crash about a year ago.

  11. S'aaruuk

    Mandy, your artistic talent and attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. I love the way you depicted Fox’s safety goggles. That little “reflection” not only gives them depth and accents the curvature, they LOOK like they’re made of polycarbonate. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    As to compressor size, nail/staple guns use short burst pulses of air to drive them. That apparent size compressor (8-10gal?) should be able to handle up to a framing gun driving 4″ nails w/o much if any problem.

    Now if he were using an air sander, impact wrench or die grinder, something needing constant flow volume as well as pressure, that’s another story. I have a 30gal Campbell Hausfeld in my garage that handles every air tool I have. Found it at a yard sale for $50…..in excellent condition.

  12. VulpineWarrior-91

    I’ve got a Lego backhoe that runs on a pneumatic system – I gave the compressor too many pumps once and one of the hoses shot off.

    So, yeah, just like what happened to Fox, though perhaps in my case, less destruction was caused… although putting the hose back on was a pain in the proverbial.

    BTW, love the Compres-A brand.

    • OldeWolfe

      I found the Compres-A brand amusing as well. 🙂

      I found a ‘Kompressor’ badge in a local junk yard and stuck it on my shop compressor. 😛

    • Mandy

      A subsidiary of Yay! Brands. 🙂

      • Darb

        I haven’t gone back into the archives for awhile, but the art evolution looks great.

  13. attic rat
    attic rat

    An air compressor powered nail gun just isn’t noisy enough, is all… For real fun you need a Hilti gun (powered by .22 blanks.)
    Best of all, Hilti is also red-and-black! Bonus!

    • S'aaruuk

      SUUUUURE…..that’s all kindza fun so long as Fox wants to either drive the nails completely thru the wood and into the floor/his foot…..or fasten the framework to the sawhorses/workbench. :-p 😉

      But they ARE noisy. 🙂

      • McMashMead

        Or maybe put a nail in someone who happens to be REALLY annoying. We all know someone like that. Also would be extremely hilarious until they sue.

        Lolz autocorrect u funny. Correcting “sue” to “die”

  14. Sir Prize
    Sir Prize

    Mmm, it’s been awhile since I last checked in.

    This one makes me think of when I was building a doghouse for my labs awhile back. My dad and I put in a light, some insulation and everything.

    The insulation lasted half a day before it entered one of the dogs’ stomachs.

    • McMashMead

      We used to have insulation on the walls in our basement, but our dog had other thoigts

  15. TomRedlion

    Yeah, the owners manual for most of he air tools I’ve bought as an auto mechanic all recomend 90 psi. What do I do? hook them to a big industrial shop air system that makes 150 psi. And instead of a regulator to bring it down, I go and buy a mini air dryer to deal with the moisture that inevitably gets in.

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