1. Feles Dictatoria
    Feles Dictatoria

    I like the pi shirt Phil is wearing in panels 4 and 5. Is this celebration shown in this comic for pi day or just another previous celebration?

    • Mandy

      Continuation of the party in the last comic, but rest assured we celebrated pi day too!

  2. Ajedi32

    Noticed the nod to PI day btw. 3/14/15 😉

    • Eagle0600

      PI is closer to 3.1416 (with proper rounding) than to 3.1415. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is wondering why you’re celebrating 14/03/15. Just thought I should mention that.

      • Mandy

        We had a moment of silence for countries that use other date formats.

        • Chayse

          Too bad there’s no 31st day in April ( 31/4/15 ) *sagenods*

      • Fox

        Nobody cares
        This is why you don’t get invited to pie parties.

      • ZanAzoth

        My answer to you, Eagle, is because at 9:26:53am, it would have been 3/14/15 9:26:53, a further dive in to pi – 3.141592653
        That’s why this one is special. It works if you use the hour/minute/second.
        So boom.

        • Fox

          ^ This is correct.

    • Mandy

      Nice catch!
      We actually had a pi day party on Saturday, with games and crafts and lots of pie. Hope you had a great one too!

    • Fox

      Hungry for circumference,
      Oh come ye, come hungry to SELEY HALL,
      Come with your own pie,
      There will be so many pies;
      And then we’ll eat some meat pies!
      And then we’ll eat some sweet pies!
      And it will go to our thighs!
      Praise be to Pi! ♫
      Love me some pie

      • attic rat
        attic rat

        Excellent choice. Like Kraken, it’s just not healthy to keep stuff like that bottled up.

      • Aslan Balaur
        Aslan Balaur
        • Aslan Balaur
          Aslan Balaur

          OK, how do I insert a picture into a reply?

          • Fox

            I don’t think you can, for reasons that are pretty obvious if ya think about it.

        • McMashMead

          *gasp* someone other than Fox used a meme! Heresy! Jk. Nice meme bro

          • Fox

            I think it’s only a ‘meme’ if it went viral once. Many of mine are just image responses.

  3. Stripedfox26

    Under the spiced rum part it should say ‘do you fear death?’

    • Fox

      It should. This is the only alcohol my body actively rejects.
      We all have “that one” booze we can’t drink anymore, because it’s the first we hit our limit on.
      Mine just happens to involve a college party, forgetting to eat for a day, and an amazing pirate costume rental that looked exactly like the pirate on the handle of spiced rum I drank the better part of at that party.
      The human body is amazing; I should be dead several times over.

      • Stripedfox26

        I just read one of my favorite drunk person stories

        • McMashMead

          Are you going to share?

          • Stripedfox26

            As someone that doesn’t drink no but my aunt at a part got so drunk at one of our parties that she passed out in a wagon that night and from then on it has been know as melodys ride. On the same night when the campfire was almost out I think it was my father thought it was a good idea to stand over it. This was after some of the other partygoers Threw him into our small swimming pool. I guess he wanted to dry off?

      • squirrelKBxprss

        Captain Morgan… never again. The only time I ever had a blackout, woke up the next morning and asked; “Where are my pants?!”

      • Aslan Balaur
        Aslan Balaur

        Same issue with Peppermint Schnapps. You’d think after 32 years it’d ease up, but NOOO. . .

    • attic rat
      attic rat

      1) Drink too much Kraken
      2) Do something disgusting
      3) It takes a few days for your Significant Other to forgive you

      Proof that the Kraken tries to sink ships.

  4. Blue Paw
    Blue Paw

    With the re-mention of Amra, still having those pajama parties for that show? 😛

    • Mandy

      Haven’t in a long time, but probably should!

  5. Brighttail

    I love puns, even bad ones, but not everyone can get used to them. Sadly I’m one of them so I’m right there with ya!

  6. Cray Z. Bouy
    Cray Z. Bouy

    In your defence, that seems like something you’d say as you open it.

    • Aslan Balaur
      Aslan Balaur

      That was my thought too, when she asked if she should use it, the RESPONSE should have been “You may RELEASE – THE – KRAKEN!” with proper dramatic pauses, and in a LOUD God-like voice.

      • TachyonCode

        Came here to say that, was not disappointed to not be the first. But… Mandy still missed her own chance :<

  7. Jake


    I’m more of a Shellback kind of person. They have really good Vanilla flavored white rum. Mix it with some A&W Root beer (known for their aged vanilla taste) and a scoop or five of french vanilla ice cream, and you end up with a horrible hangover the next morning and all your ice cream eaten.

    And don’t feel bad Mandy, I suck at joke opportunities too. It’s always so OBVIOUS right after the opportunity to make the joke has passed.

  8. BlueBlur62391

    Self-referential tongue-and-cheek humor.

    You guys deserve your own sketch show.

  9. DaveEscape

    Oh my God … Kraken Rum is an actual thing 😀

    • Robin Bobcat
      Robin Bobcat

      It is! And it is tasty!

      Also, they have Kraken-themed swag for sale… including an umbrella with a tentacle for a handle!

  10. McMashMead

    Hmmm… It appears as if Seley’s terrible comedic timing has turned into comedy gold for this strip.

  11. DaNige

    Well the next day you can still ask whys the rum gone?

  12. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    Mandy: You’re comedic timing is -perfect- for someone who draws a once-a-week comic strip! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love these things!

  13. Torano

    Actually, I think Phil was off, too. All he needed to say was, “Very well. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!”

    • Fox

      In retrospect this should have been our response, yes.

  14. Gthefurrybiker

    Oooo, nae bad! Kraken is on offer in my local pub just now, but i got spannered on Thatcher’s Gold before i thought to buy some. Thank goodness they haven’t got Old Rosie on tap or i may have ended up in a coma. Did the party get messy then? I’d be disappointed with you guys if it didn’t…

    • Fox

      Not that one, but it did tonight!
      o/` Cuz I’m allllmoooost! I’m almost Iiiiiriiiiish! o/`

      • McMashMead

        We are proud Fox 🙂

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