Seley\  I thought this was my best rendition of Fox’s charger yet, until he pointed out I made the antenna too long and it looks like an RC car…just pretend he’s got a full wave antenna.

Hope all our USA readers had a good Thanksgiving! Hope all our international readers had a good Thursday. 🙂

Fox\ For those wondering about the tags, panels 1 and 2 really happened. Panel three would have, but I noticed it was just a stock DeLorean. Flux capacitors are just getting harder and harder to come by.

Speaking of which, I just realized there’s a Knight Rider Kitt USB Car Charger on ThinkGeek, which I’m totally going to have to get, rip apart and mod into my cruiser’s center console.

Oh, also:
In preparation for some bigger events slated for next year I’ve finally broken down and got a twitter account.
According to Mandy a great deal of what I regularly say would do well there, so we’ll see if the Snarky Express turns into a joy ride or a train wreck.