1. IBTYComics

    New design for Mandy’s nose ridge.
    PS: Anyone here ever dreamt they ate the world’s biggest marshmallow?

    • Wolfgang

      Yeah, I woke up feeling a bit down in the mouth.

      (How many other people still have feather pillows?)

    • Kaeto

      No but my normal dreams have me wading through hip deep blood and body parts. With blood dripping from my hands and face.

      • Cpt. Obvious
        Cpt. Obvious

        Been there… Though in my case I was in a subway car that’s filling up with blood as everyone around me is slaughtered by something or someone. Trouble is it’s always happening outside my view. After what felt like an eternity the train came to a stop at a station and as the doors opened a waist high wall of blood and body parts would rush out. Not fun…

        I had that dream reasonably regularly for several years back when I was a kid. They finally stopped when I was about 12. To this day I have no idea why I had that dream.

        • Iceburgh

          After moving back to the States, I would dream that I was being eaten alive by a giant clam. Keep in mind I was 9 at the time.

          • Erugan

            I remember back in the first or second grade, id dream there was this bee chasing me, screaming “open your mouth so i can sting your tongue”.

  2. kiabugboy

    What happened Mandy’s spots..

    • darevenin

      Winter fur?

    • Zzzzzx

      I guess spots are part of the shading that is yet to come. I was also confused by the lack of spots at first.

    • Robin Bobcat
      Robin Bobcat

      She hasn’t shaded it yet, so will add them in later.

    • Mandy Seley

      What they said – now that the shaded version’s up, she’s spotty again!

  3. Ironbadger

    This is sweet, but I can see it being annoying for Fox.

    I can’t ever fall asleep quickly or easily, sadly.
    But I don’t usually talk in my sleep either…Or at least, none of my girlfriends have ever complained about it.


    • Iceburgh

      Same here. Raging insomniac to the point where OTC sleep aids have no discernable effect. I have to take Seroquil, and that leaves me feeling fuzzy the next day.

  4. Pirohmaniac
    • Fox

      Much like the Oprah bees gif a few back, I forgot to link to this

      I like that our readers will draw these conclusions and post the links instead. Somehow that’s better

  5. Lumina

    Does character!Fox have a winter coat? I can just imagine him going FLOOF!!! in the winter 😛

    • Mandy Seley
      • Brighttail

        I want to know how you knew about our Canadian secrets like Timbits. I mean you hit pretty much every stereotype there is in this comic. Fox as a Mountie, riding a moose and offering Timbits. Wearing a Leaf’s jersey while offering poutine. Canadian geese causing issues so offering free health care. I’m a little confused about the bottle. Is that beer or maple syrup? I see the beret you are wearing cute touch, as with snowman while canoeing through the frozen water. 🙂 There was even an apology! Finally Leafs jersey number 12. Just a number or was there a particular player you were looking at? Either way well done, well thought out and very entertaining. This coming from a Canuck.

        • AlyxVixen

          The bottle is Molson’s beer.

          • Brighttail

            Am I being moderated?

          • Brighttail

            My bad, i used the wrong gravatar name. 🙂

  6. VulpineWarrior-91

    Happy new year, guys!

  7. Glenn

    LOL. I love your reaction, Fox. I’d probably say the same thing were I in your situation. LOL.

  8. Wolfgirl

    Does Fox actually have a top hat? He looks very dapper with it.

  9. ShyWolf

    Her nose isn’t as cute as usual… I hope this isn’t a permanent style change…

    • Fox

      Mandy isn’t a canine, but she’d been getting drawn like she was.
      Feline noses are something she’d been studying in since the last comic and that’s where the update came from.
      I’d been commenting for a while now that “The way you draw your character makes you look like you’re a bear.”
      This is the first in which she’s corrected it. Art is highly subjective, so to each their own. I think it makes the character look better. *shrug*

  10. Rateus

    Ah.. The drunken verbal diahrreah stage. We’ve all been there!

  11. codebracker

    I don’t get flying dreams, I get floating dreams.

  12. Brighttail

    Drunk Mandy is a fun Mandy, until fun Mandy becomes talkative Mandy.

    Cute setup, I’m usually the chit chatter when wife is trying to sleep as I suddenly remember all the things I need to do the next day and have to share!

  13. Marscaleb

    Mandy’s nose looks different. I rather like it, but it doesn’t look like her.

  14. glmdgrielson

    Wait, I thought comic!Mandy was called Seley. Did I miss something?

    • Fox

      You did not. I just asked her about this, cuz the character was originally called “Seley Hall”, but it doesn’t matter enough to her to bother with it. My explanation (cuz she’s drunk while I’m asking her) is therefore “It’s her middle name.”

      Names mean very little to both of us. I frequently bark “SIERRA” when my voice needs to travel or overpower noise to get to her, because Seley starts with S, and that’s the NATO phonetic for ‘S’. Why? Because that word travels better than ‘Mandy’.
      She’ll yell “KILO!” for ‘K’eegan, but ‘FOX’ also carries very well. (Hence ‘Foxtrot’)

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