1. IBTYComics

    Great t-shirt logo. Reminds me of the anime convention comic shirt that said, “Ironic shirt.” Thanks for continuing the sketch comics. It feels like a special occasion when these come out.

    • Xezlec

      What you need is a shirt with just a picture of an iron. People will ask about it, and you just respond dryly “it’s ironic”.

  2. Glenn Sellers
    Glenn Sellers

    I hope you’re enjoying your vacation. I do understand the necessity of it, even if I don’t get as many as I would like to have. If I was you, I wouldn’t do ANYTHING that I didn’t want to do while taking your much deserved time off. Take care of yourself and I look forward to when you feel up to returning.

  3. Nonchalant

    Ah, the beauty of inside jokes. (And as long as MTG continues to mean Magic: The Gathering I will cower before my friend and his $1000 decks with my meager cardstock pile.) Loving the sketch interlude, hope you’re loving the vacation!

  4. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    Hi Mandy! I really like these sketches; they make great filler for when you need a break from the comic. Thank you for showing them to us!

  5. darevenin

    An other good webcomic that I can comment?! HOURRAY! \o/
    Also, cats and dogs roleplaying are funny.

  6. Donbefox

    What’s with the blacked out corner? Also, love this comic. ^^

    • Fox

      I asked that too.
      Apparently that’s just the back of the scanner. She just didn’t white it out.

    • Mandy Seley

      Yeah, I just scanned 3 pages and vaguely arranged them, it’s nothing intentionally blacked out – but I can see how it’s confusing!

    • Robin Bobcat
      Robin Bobcat

      Awww… here we were all hoping it was something scandalous that you decided we shouldn’t see..

  7. Erebus

    I still play MTG….if by play you mean obsessively hoard cards with no one nearby to play with… >m>

    I never get to show off my amazing artifact deck, besides that one three-headed dragon duel I got to do a few years back. That was fun….eheheh…

  8. glmdgrielson

    You know, considering that you have an inside joke about Fitz and you being related, I’m suprised you didn’t make him close to the same species.

    • Mandy Seley

      I did find it amusing that Floyd looks more like my kin than Fitz does, in these!

      As usual, the decision was made in my usual manner of just asking them “so what critter would you like to be?” In this case it became a brainstorm session with Jenna (Fitz’s fiance), and all of us really liked her ideas in the end.

  9. Greyryder

    Ask friend what he wants to be in the comic, make him something else, anyway. Seems to go well with the “I’m telling mom!” bit. 😀

    • Greyryder

      And, I forgot to close the italics tag, after the word “anyway.” Dangit….

      • Fox

        EditFox to the rescue!

  10. AlyxVixen

    I played MtG… until the RP club stopped me using my Painbow Deck (It’s a rainbow deck which caused so much pain and misery in the club’s MtG group by destroying single, dual and tri-colour decks with great abandon.)

    • Mandy Seley

      Love the pun on “painbow.” 😀 I was always afraid of decks over 2 colors, I hated getting mana screwed!

      I quit playing much when the group at my college got REALLY SUPER competitive about it.

      Fitz is really into it. He’s one of those guys with encyclopedic knowledge of the cards, loves building decks and loves figuring out vicious strategies. He’s probably good enough for tournament play – just not competitive enough for it. Possibly the defining moment of my MTG experience was playing against him once in college. He played:

      Beacon of Immortality (double life total for target player) and he targeted me.
      then, False Cure (for every life point gained this turn, that player instead loses two life points)
      Two-card insta-kill.

      Impressive, and he didn’t break any rules (that we knew of at the time, don’t know or care if that’s changed), but I was playing a deck HE built for me. He knew full well it didn’t have any counters for player-targeting spells, it was a simple creature deck because I was just learning the game.

      …so he laughed, and said he knew it was really unfair but he just wanted to play that card combo once because he was so excited when he came up with it.
      Then he took the cards out of the game, untapped mana, and we just played on as though it didn’t happen. He still won, just in a more fair game.

      That became my standard for “will I play a game with you?” Are you more concerned with winning, or are you playing to have fun?

    • Mandy Seley

      …oh, and my specific standard for playing MTG is “is it cool that I run Unhinged cards?”

      If they say no, I don’t wanna play with them.

  11. Fox

    At least they had some say in it.
    This whole comic started because she just started drawing me after my namesake.

    • Fox

      “What kind of fox would you be?”
      “…uh…a–the usual kind?”

      The ones I keep startling at 3am when I’m out enjoying the night at the same time they are.

  12. AeonsShadow

    Fitz is TOTALLY singing “I”M SO EXCITED~!” in picture three. That or “SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE!”

    • darevenin

      Probably “She Blinded Me With Science”, because of the blacked out corner.

  13. Wanderer

    ??? Your vacation appears to have a hole it it….

  14. Artsy

    It kind of amazes me how someone posts a weekly comic for a few years without a long break. Hope you enjoy this one.
    (I also really hope that your conversations with Fitz and Floyd aren’t just inside jokes so we can see more of them.)

  15. Archeo Lumiere
    Archeo Lumiere

    I run esper as my primary strategy, and I have a nasty little dragon headed into that one soon. I’m going to be putting together a gruel werewolves soon, I just popped an Arlinn Kord/Arlinn, Embraced by The Moon, so I need to get some good wolves together.

    • Archeo Lumiere
      Archeo Lumiere

      Gruul, DYAC!

      • Archeo Lumiere
        Archeo Lumiere

        Also, Pokémon GO field test is cool, but buggy as all getout.

  16. AkiraFireheart

    I still play. Mostly Modern, where I run Bogles.

    Yay hexproof everything! And with Leyline of Sanctity, includes myself!

  17. YeagerVonWolven

    I still play MTG… And with the new set they released awhile back my wolf and werewolf deck is complete… Flying and land destroying cards are my greatest weakness though… It really, really sucks

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