About Curtailed

What am I looking at, here?

A comic about the day to day life of two people that enjoy cartoons, DIY projects, games, Chinese food, drinking, and disaster prep, to name a few recurring themes…

The comic holds about a PG-13 rating, if you’re curious, mostly for cuss words and alcohol. There are firearms and video games from time to time, but no graphic violence.

Mandy and Fox have been coming up with ideas for this for a few years. Silly or random things would happen and one of them would laugh and say “That would make a great comic.”

Sometime in 2010, Mandy decided to try actually turning them into comics. Sometime in 2012, she got a site built and started putting them online once a week.

Mandy draws the comics and handles the website; Fox helps with the wording and the timing of the comics. They put things on paper that make them laugh, and decided to share them in hopes that they’d make some of you laugh, too!