A few questions of the frequently-asked variety…

When do new comics post?

There’ll always be a  new comic on the first Sunday of every month, with occasional comics in between as we’re able!   When life calms down enough to do so.

What’s with the cop car?

The Curtailed Cop Car has gotten so much interest it got its own FAQ page.

Does Mandy take commissions or requests?

No. She appreciates the interest, though!

Is this your primary source of income?

This isn’t even a tertiary or quaternary source. We are very grateful to the few who have donated to the site, as it greatly helps keeping the server bills paid, but the website itself is typically an expense. We do it because we enjoy it, and make time for it once a month outside our very busy schedules and full-time jobs. (Increasingly becoming “over-time” jobs)

For this reason you will see intermissions or vacation posts as other priorities have taken away time we’d otherwise dedicate to the comic, or we’ve simply needed some time to ourselves to maintain our sanity.

Do you attend any conventions?

Usually when invited. We’ve been guests of Katsucon for several years, and were guests at Fur The More 2017-2018.

Do you sell comic originals?

No, but she’s working on getting prints set up, and the book collection is online at our store!

Can I use your comics as/post your comics on/etc?

You MAY:
Crop and use my comics as profile pictures, avatars, etc.
Repost individual comics on personal social media accounts, most preferably with a link back to curtailedcomic.com (do not remove name, signature or the comic url from the image!)

Use any part of the comics or this site in any way that is for profit.
Use any part of the comics or this site in advertising.
Remove names, signatures or the comic url from comics when sharing them.
Repost or print the comics in bulk to another archive or collection.

When in doubt, please ask – thank you!

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, we do!
Fox also has a public Facebook profile page.

You can also follow us on Twitter (Mandy and Fox) and Mandy’s also on Tumblr
If all you want is comic updates, you can also use our RSS feed to get notifications to whatever reader/app/etc you use for such things.

Have you considered joining Comic Directory Site / Comic Ranking Site / Patreon / etc?

Mandy is always open to suggestions for free, no-strings-attached comic directories online, and she’s happy to add hers! Or if it allows other people to suggest links, feel free to submit it. Thank you!!

We are hesitant to start a Patreon, or to sign up for comic collectives where providing “incentives” is a standard practice. We don’t like signing up for additional commitments. We’ve all we can handle right now and then some. One comic a week is often all we can manage in addition to day jobs and numerous other projects.

I want to make a webcomic, too! What advice do you have?

Draw a lot of comics, and read a lot of comics!
For advice on the technical side of things, the book How to Make Webcomics is greatly recommended. Mandy picked it up on a whim and found a lot of great advice.

How can I learn to draw?

Just going to link to Kelly Turnbull’s post: More Drawing Advice than Anyone Wanted. She covers everything and more.

How did you set up your website?

This site is run on a VPS plan, with a combination of WordPress/Comicpress 4.1.
If you’re just starting out, do a Google search for “free webcomic host” – there are a lot of sites that will handle the technical bits for you and are specifically geared towards webcomics.

What markers/materials do you use for the comics?

A little of everything! Lines are usually a mix of Prismacolor and Micron pens, sometimes a Kuretake brush pen. Mandy’s go-to workhorse markers are Copics. She also likes Prismacolors and Blick brand. Everything’s drawn on smooth Bristol board.

Who does what for the making of Curtailed?

Coming up with ideas and story-boarding the comics is typically a joint effort.

Mandy does the actual drawing, scanning, and posting of the comics, as well as building and maintaining the website.

Fox is the second set of eyes at the pencil stage, and usually finalizes the dialog and wording. He also takes care of most of the comment moderation and is frequently the catalyst for the punchline itself.

The comic couldn’t exist without their combined efforts!

How do you pronounce Seley?


Is Seley a snow leopard?

No, Mandy just likes to draw fluffy tails.

Is your name Mandy or Seley?

Both. Her name is Mandy Seley, and if it’s ever necessary to distinguish the artist from the character, the latter’s “full name” is Seley Hall.
In real life the artist will respond to both.

What’s Fox’s real name?

Fox. Yes, legally.

Is Fox really such an asshole?


No, seriously…

No, Fox is not actually cruel to Mandy in real life.
The concern over this was surprising, and while the sentiment was appreciated, there’s nothing to worry about. Of course there’s plenty of love and support in our relationship – but that isn’t funny, so it doesn’t make it into the comic.
Mandy is the straight man to Fox’s shenanigans–not the victim. 🙂

Are you “Furries”?
We can definitively answer that question if there ever becomes a definitive definition of that word. Fox likes to say “We’re about as ‘furry’ as Chuck Jones“. We don’t own mascot-style outfits of animals, if that’s what you’re asking. Even when cosplaying as members of Zootopia’s police department, Mandy will wear ears and tail, at most. Fox usually foregoes even that. (Though he has put them on to increase bids at a charity auction!)

Past that, labels and titles often tend to try to offer convenience at the cost of confusion. Mandy is an artist. Fox doesn’t even like calling himself a writer, editor, or comedian. He prefers to say he handles the dialog for the comic, reviews it, and tries to make people laugh. He’s not a metalworker; he just knows how to shape metal. He’s not a carpenter; he can just build with wood.

One may think “That’s just semantics”. Yes, it is. But while that phrase is generally dismissive and used when definitions are trivialities, we consider defining who and what we are to be of some import. We’d prefer people come to know us for who we are, and draw their own conclusions. If they’ve not the time, it’s best we remain nothing more than producers of a web comic that happens to involve cartoon animals.

9 comments on “FAQ

  1. Hello. I recently found your webcomic by following a link on the Sabrina-Online webcomic. You and Fox have a sense of humor that mirrors mine almost exactly. I think out of all the comics that are posted, there were only maybe five I didn’t laugh at and only one that I didn’t understand. That’s a pretty good winning percentage. I’m going to keep checking your site to keep up with the shenanigans of you and Fox. Thanks for a great comic.


    1. Glad you enjoy it! Makes the time and effort put into them all worthwhile!
      Also, thank you for letting us know the site isn’t setup to notify us of comments on this page! ^_^;

  2. I just discovered your webcomic on friday of last week and caught up today. I must say I’ve truly enjoyed reading these stories and the art style developing over time was awesome. Thanks for doing what you guys do, made a tough time much better.

  3. Is there a way to comment on the comics? Most of them make me laugh aloud, and some of them I would like to comment on! ?

    1. Comments are always enabled on the most recent comic. They’re a snapshot in time preserving conversations from when that strip was in the spotlight.

      1. If I read this correctly, then each page’s comments will be disabled when the NEXT page goes up…?

  4. Found you guys through a random website I have no idea how I stumbled upon called Dumbbum.net. Mid outdated 2000’s comic website, .it’s like looking through a time machine computer. (don’t know if someone is still operating it) got curious as I was fascinated by the furry fandom and its culture what it’s like in the 2000’s I looked around and saw a list of top furry comics website that they support. Most of it from the 2000’s, Click every single one of them links, most of them are dead or doesn’t exist anymore (sadly). And to my suprise you guys are one of the few who are still active. making furry comics/art. I don’t know why but it makes me happy that there are still furry artist/comics maker from the early 2000/2010’s still active and alive doing well. I just want to say keep it up and wish you guys the best! I hope ya’ll are doing well!

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