Phox In Phoenix!


:fox: Part of the reason we’re taking a few weeks off is because I’m traveling for work. Phoenix, Chicago, Denver, New York and LA. All in the next month.

The beginning was a bit hectic, but the weekend is coming up so I’ve some time to update the site. Currently sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix. Will be here a few more hours likely, then heading south for a training exercise to assist local emergency responders. (Prolly get covered in fake blood)

Next stop is Chicago Monday and Tuesday, Denver is Wednesday through Friday. If you’re up for grabbing a beer I’ll let people know where I’m stopping, but I try to hit the Hard Rock Cafe if the town I stop in has one! Thinking dinner Monday and/or Tuesday night in the CHI HRC and Thursday and/or Friday in Denver.

You’ve been warned! 😀

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