Seley\  Okay, THIS time there are some specific characters to spot. Have fun! 🙂

Fox\ Late update, as I was taking a tour of the county jail (voluntary – just visiting) Friday night, and went on a police ride-along the next day, so I wasn’t focusing on putting up comments just yet. ^_^
This is marked as ‘reality-inspired’, because the only thing I didn’t do was shield slam people. It was, however, very useful getting people the hell out of the way. Holding up a 2’x4′ steel shield gets someone’s attention, especially when you’re crossing through an endless flow of foot traffic. (Anyone that’s been to a con knows what I’m talking about)
For those who didn’t pay attention when I barked, “EYES FORWARD!”, “ONE SIDE!” or “MAKE A HOLE!” they made a short, metallic thud as they bounced off the shield.

This comic was either getting called “Crowd Control” or “Shields Up!”, but while the latter sounded better, the shield looked too far down in the comic. 🙂