1. IBTYComics

    Great Bladestorm reference. Is that the same Deadpool from the Casino Table, along with Pikachu Kigurimi and hat wearing guy from the Long Line? The only other anime references I really noticed is DBZ, Trigun Wolfwood, and maybe Witch Hunter Robin. I stopped really following anime in the early 2000s.

  2. Brighttail

    That sure sounded like a challenge to Fox. You should know better, Mandy…but then you did get through!

    • Hinoron

      I can hear Fox now:

      “What? That’s what it’s designed for! They made train cow-catchers to be shaped like shields, not the other way around!”

  3. Brighttail

    Oh and at least Mandy knows to run with her spear pointed backwards. No unauthorized skewering!

  4. Joel

    Top right in panel 1, I’ve spotted Jesus

    • drakeye

      i think thats from trigun, nick wolfwood is the character, thats his punisher i believe.
      (might be wrong)

      • Joel

        No, it’s definitely Jesus

      • Argent

        Actually I think that’s Vash carrying Wolfwood’s cross….

        • Mandy

          Depending what you wanna read into his characterization, guessing “Jesus” for Vash and/or Wolfwood ain’t too far off, so I’m gonna say everybody’s correct in this thread. 😀

          • Xezlec

            Mandy’s 3rd-degree black belt in diplomacy is showing again.

      • Glenn

        That is Vash from Trigun. I recognize the hair.

    • Ranstone

      Shhhhhh… Don’t be jelly that we have found the wun Jesus first. :3

  5. Greyryder

    This reminds me of the Mythbusters finale.

  6. Uncle Bilbo
    Uncle Bilbo

    On this week’s episode of ‘Bowling For Cosplayers’…

  7. The Nerd Wonder
    The Nerd Wonder

    Is Fox aware that either his badge holder is empty or his badge appears to be completely blank and see-through?

    • Mandy

      Missed that during cleanup, thanks 🙂

  8. eddiisnot

    A classic shield rush. A vital skill in close combat.

  9. Argent

    All of the specifics I see are Sailor Moon; Maka Albarn (Soul Eater); priest guy from TriGun; SSJ Son Goku; Simon the Digger (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann); Pikachu; and Deadpool

    • Argent

      I also see a Buster Sword off in the distance 😛

      • IBTYComics

        Plus I see what looks like a tommygun and the Riddler’s staff.

  10. Brunhidden

    i see you rolled high on your bull rush

  11. Iceheart

    Perk of having a high level Tank in your party: can charge through ads like they’re nothing.

    • Rena

      Even TV ads?

      • Adamas

        too bad it doesn’t help the 30 minutes of ads at the movies.

    • Mobyulus

      Was gonna say something like that but you beat me to it.

  12. Glenn

    On the left side of the last panel, the horse looks like Phil from “Nine to Nine”. BTW, Fox, I’m glad to see you’ve found a use for you armor besides your wedding suit.

  13. Argent

    Another interpretation of the third panel:
    “In their tongue he is Vulahkiin: Vulpine borne…

    • Fox

      There was a fair bit of that going on too at the con. People walk looking at their feet…or run without watching where they’re going.
      “ONE SIDE!”
      “MAKE A HOLE!”
      were shouted from time to time.

      • Argent

        I worked security as a volunteer at Dragon*Con 2015 last year and I had to do plenty of that in the high traffic areas. There was one area that was a Faraday Cage that was one such place where 3 different hotel routes converged, so it was impossible to contact Base when there was a problem XD
        On top of that it was a pretty popular photo shoot spot (when there weren’t people lying down in the floor trying to blend in the carpet pattern in the Marriot -_-“)
        I was actually sent out one time to make sure a couple other members of security were there since nobody could contact them.

        • AlyxVixen

          So you saw the Dragoncon camo snipers.

          • Argent

            Several, yes. The most interesting thing was that it was also my first time attending and the importance of the hotel’s carpet was hinted at before hand, but it was still quite surprising every time I saw them!

      • Robin Bobcat
        Robin Bobcat

        “MAKE A HOLE AND MAKE IT WIDE!!” is the usual ‘someone important needs to get someplace cry. usually when the bartender needs to get more drinks from the bathroom stash…

        For more casual crowd-clearing, “Out of my way I’m gonna puke!” is good, though this demands you terminate your run in a washroom.

        • Adamas

          always liked a yell I heard once. “MOVE OR WEAR BOOT PRINTS!”

  14. Rena


  15. Jake

    Hey, if it’s stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid!

  16. DaveEscape

    Recognizing Fox’s dislike of people in general (with exceptions, of course) it does not surprise me that his skills in CC would be incredible.

    Character Bio

    Name = Fox

    Class = Battle – Mage

    Combat Style = High AOE, High CC, Pusher

    Description = Best when used in conjunction with alcohol, Fox is adept at dealing with large crowds of enemies using his AoE spells and/or incredible powers of smarminess and assholery. Gains critical strike bonus against bunnies. See here = http://curtailedcomic.com/comic/128-bunny/

    Dislikes = Idiots, Rules

    Weaknesses = Caffeine

    • Fox


  17. BlueAnubis

    How are we going to get through this?

    STAND BEHIND BRAUM and move like the herd. Because my shield is here for you.

  18. Vanbael

    I know this isn’t Diablo III but Fox just went full Crusader right there.

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