Seley\  It was already cold in February, and Katsucon was right by the water, which made it even colder! Fox was grateful he could just walk outside to cool off in all that armor.

Fox\ Late update cuz I was busy today:
This was right outside the doors at the bottom of the escalators, leading to the pool. “Smoker’s Alley” it was called. Everyone out there was freezing, cuz it was a nook at the long end of the buildings. That, combined with the water being not more than 500 feet away created a wind tunnel that spun through that area at impressive speeds. The high temp that day was 26 degrees fahrenheit. We were in the shade, with massive amounts of windchill. I’d heard reports of anywhere from negative nine to negative nineteen outside.

Being in a suit of armor, I was unable to feel much of the windchill at all.
I’d have offered to help ‘warm up’ some of the female cosplayers, but you’re neither soft, snuggly, or warm wearing cold weather while clad in steel.