Seley\  I used to have a group of friends that would meet at a local game shop and play X and Y together. Sometimes people would join in that were hyper-competitive jerks about it, the kind that just suck the fun out of a room by taking it too seriously. I and a few others cheated up some “perfect” 6-IV teams just for crushing those guys until they stopped being assholes.

Fox\  I have never played a Pokemon game.

Seley\  – but we love couples cosplay, and Raichu is my all-time favorite, and I knew it would be really easy to sell Fox on the idea of wearing a bunch of military gear and portraying a paranoid security-specialist soldier (people who recognize the costume at conventions and complain about those trash cans…)

Fox’s Lt Surge costume is a pretty modernized interpretation (based mostly on his FRLG and TCG appearances), most people don’t quite recognize who he is unless they see my Raichu ears and connect the dots, or notice the little details we tossed all over his outfit (SURGE nametag, Thunder Badge, Pokeballs, DS systems loaded into mag pouches…)

The two other characters in this are just random extras, but I pretty much pulled their outfits (minus Pokemon league-mandated fingerless gloves) from my high school/undergraduate closet, so feel free to mock their fashion sense. 🙂