Furthemore 2017 Artwork

avatar_fox_400 This art has never been seen in this form.

For those of you who attended Furthemore 2017 in Tysons Corner (hence the pun) it may look familiar. This was on the con book, but due to size restrictions, a good deal of it had to be cut or covered.
This is the full, unaltered version. Since so much work was put into it, it seemed a good image for update this week. The theme this year was ‘8-bit’, so all characters are cosplaying video game characters. Pictured are myself (Indiana Jones) and Mandy (Samus from Metroid) in the bottom right with the other Guest of Honor Latin Vixen (FF White Mage) above. Kid Icarus above Latin Vixen is attendee guest Makuus, Link and Zelda are our guest liaisons Andy and Harper (the same Harper mentioned in Boozy Badger’s blog) while the remaining actors are, from left to right:
Furthemore Director Irime Zane as the referee
Furthemore Chairman Kit Drago as Mike Tyson and
Furthemore mascot “Quoth T. Raven” as Little Mac
All characters from Mike Tyson’s ‘Punch Out’.

Mandy and I are now recovering officially. We came back to work after days off prepping for and recovering from Furthemore only to get hit with the post-vacation workload many of us are familiar with. After getting the house back in order we’re planning on taking as much time relaxing as possible. Maybe get some time on Twitch as we’re trying to play some cooperative video games.

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    1. While the clothes are similar, he would’t fit the theme. While La-Mulana’s original release had 8-bit style graphics, most people know the remake, and that was not 8-bit styled at all.

    2. I intentionally left the wiki-link to the Indiana Jones NES game.
      Included because I carry the NES game in my map pack when I cosplay Jones.

  1. Fun fact: the real Tyson (“Will the real Mike Tyson please stand up?” To Tell the Truth, NOT Eminem) couldn’t even get past Glass Joe. Also, I can’t see the picture.

  2. I loved Boozy’s comments on your Dodge “I once made a model airplane that looked sort of like the picture on the box, so I felt a kinship with these craftsmen.”

    That guy is EPIC 🙂

    Please do continue to post on the Dodge from time time as you make changes, it’s damn interesting stuff.


  3. You guys need to come to FWA next year… or D-Con THIS year. 😛 🙂

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