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…I got the job.

Tagged “reality-inspired” because I thought this, but opted not to say it during my interview – knowing my boss a little better now, I think he would have laughed.

In honor of Inktober, tried something different in this comic! I thought about limiting myself to black ink only, but allowed myself one shade of gray for this one, since I’m used to using about 4 (plus black, plus an accent color). Like most cartoonists, I think, Calvin and Hobbes was a huge part of my childhood – I think it’d be a personal triumph to get a strip or two drawn with the kind of depth and charm that Watterson was able to achieve with only black ink on a white page.

14 comments on “Overqualified

  1. Lots of terrible ideas? No you don’t. They all seem great!

    PS: Since you are honoring Inktober, are you also going to honor Punvember?

  2. Mandy! You owe me one (1) half cup of coffee and 3 band-aids for that last line making me spray coffee in my cat’s face, with the obvious results. 🙂

  3. I don’t come up with many good ideas at my job, but I’m a champ at shooting down bad ones! And good ones! And neutral ones! And polite greetings!

    1. We use Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business or whatever) at work.
      My “What’s going on” line is:
      “Skip ‘Hi’–state your business. Thanks.”

      If people are contacting me, something is wrong and they want me to fix it. Don’t pretend you came over here to chat…

  4. Q. So, where did you get that idea?
    A. . . . It came to me in a dreeeam . . .

  5. Ba dum tsh. xD I love that huge grin in the third panel. It complements the punchline perfectly.

  6. To paraphrase a song from a 1970s TV show, “If it weren’t for bad ideas, I’d have no ideas at all.”

    1. You have a Point. Collegues without Humor are bad to work with anyway.

  7. I had to climb an oil tank with strong wind. The wind blew away my helmet and nearly pushed me over (me 100kg).
    So I made a proposal to my Boss to use safety harness. He said the helmet if flying easily, no Point. I put my forehead in wrinkles and replied I am used to screw it on.
    I dont think I would make a Statement like that in the Comic for a Job interview though.

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