Seley\  Stink bugs run rampant in our part of the country. They’re a huge problem for farmers, but to suburbanites, they’re entirely harmless. They don’t bite or sting, when they get in they don’t nest or lay eggs or even eat – we’ve never even noticed one actually stink except for the time Fox accidentally stepped on one. They’re all named “Frank,” and they’re our clumsy little house guests that make disproportionately loud helicopter sounds.

In all fairness, Devon’s already familiar with Franks – but we needed someone to react to ’em in the strip, and I got to draw heart-shaped guinea pig ears again. 🙂

Fox\ And since they’re insanely well-built (tank) you don’t have to feel bad about flicking them off you and listening to them ricochet around the room.
They’re actually an invasive species from Asia, but they’re far more welcome than those damn tiger mosquitos. I was concerned at first, until I realized that this species seems incredibly reluctant to use its chemical weaponry. Also interesting they can survive (sometimes) the entire winter without eating anything.
We hardly ever see more than one at a time, so we’ve it’s always just the same bug.

For the record, house centipedes are ‘Fred’, cuz if you’re a bug, and you see Fred, you’re dead. Those things eat everything. We don’t have any here, but s’why I let him stay at my last place.