Midsummer Night

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 Gotta love shopping on Amazon!

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For those wondering, you use them to avoid crushing the seam/pinch/crimp on your car.
Google it before you do it so you don’t just kill yourself.

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  1. never thought of that, hockey pucks aren’t exactly common in the south but now I’m gonna have to get some!

  2. This would have been so useful *before* I crushed my seam. XD Next car, I guess. Hopefully the Charger still has virgin seams to benefit from it!

  3. XD I thought it was something average at first and then I read the last one and that made my day a little brighter. 🙂

      1. That’s true. But, I’m from southeast Georgia I don’t know from nothing about hockey other than Archie Campbell’s story “Hockey Here Tonight.”

        1. You mean to tell me you NEVER went to an Atlanta Thrashers’ hockey game (before they moved to Winnipeg)? For shame!

          1. I never even went to an Atlanta Flames hockey match before they moved to Calgary. From the few times I’ve ever even watch highlights on ESPN, it looks more like a legal street gang fight. In the highlights, more emphasis was placed on the fights than the actual scoring.

  4. Any hard rubber will do, but why 4?
    You only need one for your jack. And Jackstands can be placed on less ‘crushable’ areas such as the mounts for the suspension or crossmembers.
    (I drive an old French car; I need to know what is or isn’t crushable or rack up hefty bills… )

    1. There’s been times where the “built-in jack points” just aren’t where they need to be to do the job. and having spare equipment at hand is never a bad thing.

      1. LOL You answered the question I had typed in only a few moments before. XD

    2. As a rule of thumb I usually only lift on parts that are made of cast iron, and never on any undercarriage panels like the floor boards or even the railings for the front clip. Yeah, it’s tough, but I usually place jack stands, wheel ramps with wood on them, and all sorts of other measures around just to be safe. Typically, if the lifting item is large and broad, then you can get away with placing it on a panel.
      But, better to be safe than sorry I guess.

  5. Jack stands, lift points, wheel nuts, axle nuts, cv shaft assembly, intermediate shaft assembly … all the things that have been beating me up ALL WEEKEND … *sobs*

    By the way Fox, why don’t you just use a lift point (like a bolt head on a trailing arm) instead of lifting on the rocker panel? You won’t have to worry about damaging the body. BUT I will admit I like the hockey puck idea. 🙂

    1. It’s a reference to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” a Shakespearean play whose main character is named “Puck.”

    2. Oh, he was serious. I thought jprime was just making a joke.

      Yeah, I usually do the titles so the references can get kinda meta. Props to David for getting/explaining it.

  6. ………….Fox that is at lest $50 to the VERY bad puns jar. If I was there when you said that I would have smacked you in the back of the head.
    (And promptly been arrested for assault and battery)

  7. I think you guys are missing some things: you always buy more raw materials than you need in case of errors, having options is nice (if I need all 4 for any reason) and the other whole pucks are useful, inexpensive standoffs to keep any projects off the ground. (Remember, I also do wood and metal working)

    1. The old “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it” idea? (My apologies to John Wayne but I’ve always loved that line.)

      1. Yup. Applies to firearms and also fire extinguishers.
        And trauma kits.
        We’re preppers so we’ve a lot of things we don’t need right now. (And hopefully never will)

    1. I threw it into my sewing kit. Figured it’d be a good shock absorber to protect the table/counter under the metal base you use for hammering in eyelets or rivets.

          1. Puckish, as in “Resembling an expression Puck, the trickster fae might wear.”

    1. I was expecting you to go with something like “That look Mandy is giving Fox is to let him know he’s skating on thin ice.” 🙂

  8. hello. I just finished The full read of your comic. I read about 20 comics a day. I’m very pleased to make ours # 21. Keep up the good work. Oh My wife would like to know where you hid the cameras.
    you two could be us. only difference is we’ve done all the things you’ve drawn as part of 36yrs of marriage. Oh and she’s Ronnie Fox.
    I do think that your comic is Pawsome.
    I’ll be reading.

      1. Mandy, I’m pretty sure most people who read your comic wish their relationships were just half as interesting, and funny, as you and Fox have. (I know I wish my marriage had been that wonderful.)

  9. I’m actually curious about something completely off topic but do you guys have impromptu all-out nerf battles?

    1. While we do have the arsenal for such an event, the answer is no. I don’t derive any pleasure from firing anything at another living thing, especially my wife. Maybe chalk it up to in-depth firearms safety or a dislike for adversarial engagements & violence.
      They’re just toys, and neat devices. Objects I can play with–a sharp contrast to the safety and care I exhibit any time I handle my firearms.

      1. Honestly I had to lock them up because if you put them in the hands of most humans I’ve found they do immediately try to shoot someone else. One is upgraded with metal parts, and became so strong I removed the bolt as I deemed it too dangerous for use.
        I had two different co-workers on two separate occasions shoot other co-workers, from the hip, hitting them in the head and saying, “I didn’t think it was loaded!”, breaking all three of the basic rules when handling a projectile weapon, toy or otherwise.
        I don’t understand this behavioral instinct, but it goes a long way to convincing me we’re doomed as a species.

    2. We tried a few times – but as Fox said, we just kinda don’t have any fun shooting AT each other. We’re co-op players, not PVP.

      He went through that period of playful intentional misses, but even that tapered off. Fox has good instincts and good aim, he kept accidentally getting headshots.
      (Yes really by accident – with immediate expletives and “are you okay?” and everything, heh)

      Now when he wants to tease me, he throws a light-up bouncy ball into the room as he walks by, or turns on a hexbug and drops it on my desk or down the back of my shirt – still effectively startling/annoying, far less risk of losing an eye!

    3. I’ve a disturbing talent of being able to snap-shot and hit targets, even if the shot is so unlikely I don’t suspect it’ll happen.
      Airsoft: springer pistol battles–no one wanted to play with me because they kept getting shot in the goggles and eventually couldn’t see anymore.
      Paintball: Some bird was being obnoxious and I spun around and fired in its direction to scare it off. Found out paintballs can kill birds. 🙁
      Hunting: Only went once. Squirrel. Hipshot him as he ran past.

      Maybe that’s why–there’s no challenge if you hit everything so easily, and it’s especially disheartening when you didn’t mean to kill something, or life ends so quickly. It’s not even a sport at that point.
      One Shot Man

      1. That -would- take the fun out of it. Thanks – to both of you – for explaining.

  10. Judging from Mandy’s expression in the last panel these kind of puns are overly common in the household…

    1. If you haven’t read the comic since the beginning, do so. You’ll see that Fox is regularly making that kind of joke and totally off the wall suggestions. One thing’s for certain, Mandy will NEVER be bored while married to him.

      1. I have, although I’ve clearly forgotten some based on recent evidence so I should take a swing back through the archives at some-point. As soon as there is too much boredom mischief ensues which makes for good comics!

  11. Every comic Seley has been complimented on her expressions and for good reason. They are stellar. I am here to say that she has done it again.

  12. Wait a minute, “My counter” do you guys own different bits of the house?

    1. Is it strange that the wording didn’t even really occur to me?

      I think that’s just become my way of teasing Fox when he brings in, or builds, something that’s jarringly out of place in a “normal” house. Mocking the sitcom “what have you done to MY kitchen” response to shenanigans, etc.

      (…Fox is the one who’s good at wordplay)

  13. I thought this jack point bending thing was just a GM problem, says everyone that ever drove a Cavalier

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