Seley\ Maybe if I had a tank…?

Related note: I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with sparkly clean pickup trucks.

Fox\ A warning to those who would comment: Before you do, realize we’re well aware of the meanings behind the Gadsden flag and the groups with which it is associated. This is a comic, and the joke is the literal interpretation of the wording given the vehicle. This is not your opportunity to impart wisdom you believe we’re lacking. We avoid political discussions on this comic. This includes discussing what you believe our own to be.

All you need know is we believe:
–There are people who get bad breaks who need help.
–There are those who abuse power.
–All should uphold the definition of the words: “liberty and justice for all“.

Those five words, the last especially, are all too often forgotten or perverted to further the agendas of others.

For everyone else, Google ‘Gadsden flag’.