1. IBTYComics

    Great to see the sketch comics are back!

  2. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    I like panel four; especially the poking of the dead thing with a stick. 😉

    And cute li’l cartoon Seley is cute! Especially the change from panel two to three. 🙂

    I hope you end up loving the new job, Mandy!!

  3. DentHe4d

    I love these kinda comics. Simple, funny AND, I remember when that used to happen to me. (Ha) If I could draw that good I’d be happy as hell. 🙂

  4. Cloudchaser Sakonige

    I also like these type comics 🙂

  5. Stacts

    This was really funny. Loved panel three “Who let me have this much responsibility?”

  6. FinalDisnerd

    These sketches are way too adorable.

  7. Anubis

    So you’re leaving an old day job for a new one? If so, I can relate. When I left my last job, they kept me around for a few days after I turned in my resignation, but company policy basically said that the fastest route out of the building for an employee leaving was through the window…

    Just give us some kind of contact occasionally to let us know you’re still alive and I imagine that a good number of us will still be happy.

  8. Babs

    good, you should not tire/stress yourself out it woul only block the good idea’s 🙂

  9. Xezlec

    Dawwww — cutesy style drawing!

    I come home from work in that state every day because I have a permanent high-anxiety personality. Hence why I do nothing after work. Glad not everybody is like that.

  10. Glenn

    Mandy, if I had your ability to draw and I had my job, drawing would be the last thing on my mind when I got home. I normally work 10 hours a day AND 8 hours on Saturday. (Hurricane Hermine saved me this weekend. I actually got a four day weekend.)

    Fox, you’re lucky the claws and fangs didn’t come out when you asked about the comic. But, Mandy was probably too tired to do more than groan at that thought. LOL.

  11. Ranstone

    THE stick… We’ve all seen it a thousand times, in a thousand cartoons, yet somehow, it stands the test of time as the perfect “is it dead” stick. A one leafed tool to complete anyone’s cartoon toolbox.

  12. Kaworu

    Awwwww, Fox looks really sweet as chibi character :3

  13. w0lfmare

    Adorable sketch comic ^^

    Best of luck on getting the hang of this new job.

  14. Wolfgirl

    This looks like a comic to me…a quickly sketched one, but a comic nonetheless. Anyhow, good luck at getting everything sorted out, and take your time getting back to the comic 🙂

  15. attic rat
    attic rat

    Good Luck Mandy! Businesses have to get by with as few employees as they are able these days, so the work-load can be heavy–but this is Mandy we’re talking about! No problem!

  16. darevenin

    A new job? Hooray!
    A million tasks to do? Oh hell no!!

  17. River Road
    River Road

    I honestly love your characters in this art style. When things calm down again I’d really like to see a full color comic with chibis like those.

  18. glmdgrielson

    So, who wants to write the pitch for the new food “Draw”?

  19. Ironbadger

    Hm, the comments work again….

    Aww, poor Mandy!
    Been there, done that. Sucks.

    Hopefully things will ease up a bit for you soon.
    Fox is wise enough to know the healing powers of pizza and cartoons, so you’re in good hands.


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