1. IBTYComics

    Another for Punvember! Great flow of movement. I like the posture of Fox in the first panel, and the new reaction for Mandy. This comic seems like an accurate satire of a specific fragrance ad. The fourth panel dark fabric really emphasizes the product, especially the diamond cap. I think that is actually a unique design for a cologne bottle and wonder why other bottles don’t have a more masculine appearance to set them off from perfume.

  2. differ

    great comic, yet again.

  3. Dylan Overstreet
    Dylan Overstreet

    I can’t stop looking at the perfume like it’s a bottle of syrup or something.

  4. NovaNocturne

    No stink hugs this time?

  5. Spector

    Tis the season for whale barf.

  6. Greyryder

    I’m just kinda surprised that he didn’t hug her, like he did the last time or two.

    • Adamas

      ya beat me too it.

  7. Uncle Bilbo
    Uncle Bilbo

    The problem with being married to a veterinarian. She tends to say ‘Whoa, someone needs his anal gland expressed!’

    • Xezlec

      If the scent of a dog’s anal glands is sort of its true name, and if car-work odor is the analogous thing for humans, then you could say that most human males are named “car”.

  8. Cloudchaser

    Some find that smell to be sexy

  9. Mako

    Be grateful he wasn’t changing the fluid in the rear differential, nothing says Eaw Du Stink like 90 weight gear oil.

    That said, automatic transmission fluid has a nice sweet smell to it. I should know, having taken more than my fair share of unintended “showers” in the damn stuff over the years. Torque converters are nasty fluid filled bombs just waiting for me to walk under the bell housing, I swear! 😛

    • Shadow

      I’m kind of partial to the tire soap spray we use at my shop to find leaks. Kind of smells like baby powder, kinda off sets the wonderful scent of sludge oil, gas, brake fluid.

  10. The J.A.M.

    All of that from JUST changing a tire?

  11. Gthefurrybiker

    Yup, cars be smelly. Depends what you’re doing to them though. Old engine oil that hasn’t been changed
    for ages reeks. I changed the sump on my mate’s Ford Focus a while back, got absolutely covered in it.
    It’s amazing how absorbant hair can be! Just be glad Fox’s car is still reasonably new…!

    Also Mandy expressions are top notch as per usual 🙂

  12. Ironbadger

    I dunno….
    Never found car odors to be nasty or unpleasant.
    Now, mechanic’s funk…..That can get overpowering when you’re working in 100+ degree weather.


  13. darevenin

    In the same perfume collection, we have Graisse antique in France.

  14. Katnik

    Aaah, nothing like changing out a muffler and tailpipe, that subtle note of well-seasoned rust and highway mud, and the gasoline soot cooked to perfection . . .

  15. DentHe4d

    I used to work for a hazmat response group, and overturned tanker trucks were probably 75% of our ERs
    (Emergency Response). So I smelled like straight diesel just about everyday. It was actually so bad, most of the time I didn’t even notice. The running gag for our crew was that my cologne of choice was “Diesel-No5.”

  16. EidolWays

    At least it wasn’t the smell of gear/differential lube! Stuff just reeks…

  17. attic rat
    attic rat

    It’s a good, honest stink… Not all that offensive, like the wrong kind of things rotting or burning can be.

  18. glmdgrielson

    The best way to identify a hard worker: Does anybody nearby smell awful?

  19. Brighttail

    I think this is probably the single best expression I have ever seen Mandy suffer through.

    Even her claws are out!

    Poor Mandy

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