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It’s always in the last place you look…because then you stop looking.
I was about to perform a 30 minute batch job of Pokemon GO evolving, while recording it on the phone.
I had to lower the temperature of the phone so it wouldn’t overheat during the procedure.

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  1. You use a Samsung, don’t you? If so, then this makes perfect sense.

    1. Yep, done that before with the s4, it always got blazing hot.

      1. Wasn’t that the company that made the fire hazard also referred to as a phone? Note 7 or something like that?

  2. Fox, was it next to the power drill? I remember Mandy Seley’s twitter having a sketch about it.

    PS: Also saw a fox while I was driving home to read a comic about a fox.

        1. Especially with her turning her hands up. LOL. Fox, you’re too young to be THAT forgetful, although I seem to remember being like that when I was in my early 30s.

  3. Great minds think alike! I actually used to do that too before I did a 30-minute evolving run. But it turns out that just means you need a better phone. I had this problem with my Note 3, but then upgraded to a Note 7 (by far the greatest phone I’ve ever had, in every way) and the problem went away.

    So now I’m back to my Note 3 and I have that problem again. Now I just blow on the phone for the whole 30 minutes. Makes me a little lightheaded, but it does keep it from overheating.

    1. Yeah, runs much better on my Pixel than it did on my S5.
      But now that the bastards killed FPM and haven’t given us a tracker in 4 months I’ve basically quit playing.
      Niantic sucks

      1. Well, they DID implement the new ‘Nearby’ feature.

        Also, they may be doing a Thanksgiving event – drop rates appear to have quadrupled for both ‘mons and stops… Seriously, I’m drowning in Pidgeys right now.

        1. It’s too much like an abusive relationship. And I can’t see a point at end-game.
          Like…if I spend days of my life on this game…for what?
          It’s not fun anymore. Hell, it never was–interacting with other people was. And too many people have quit.
          And rightfully so.

  4. I’d just love the expression on Mandy in the last panel as it fits perfectly to Fox’s reaction. XD

    1. I’m glad everyone is enjoying that. We went over it several times and she had to redraw it a lot before she got something we liked.

  5. Have a Note 5, occasionally required to chill it to compensate for overheating. Had a Galaxy 4 and that was Standard Operating Procedure to keep it cool. My roommate however had an iPhone 5, and lost his in the refrigerator because of the whacky tobacky. Glad to see fox left his there for the former reason & not the latter. ^/^,

    1. LOL – You’re only the 2nd person I’ve ever heard call it “whacky-‘backy”! The other was a cousin up in the Kentucky hills. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. God, I’ve heard it called that ever since I knew what it was and I’m in my early 60s.

    2. Yeah, I went to CO recently and learned three things:
      1. Their pot stores are like the DMV
      2. They are very knowledgeable and have a variety of options that affect people differently
      3. None of them resulted in a sensation I ever want to feel again

  6. I know everyone is saying it already, but that expression in the last panel is hilarious XD

    Mandy: “………………H-HOW???”

    1. I never had any trouble with my Nokia, of course, I wasn’t playing any video games on it.

  7. Fox, I don’t have Twitter, but I saw the post about what kind of panel you can do. The previous one seemed perfect!

    1. Thanks. We’re going to redo that one most likely, but guests are expected to do many, and rightfully so.

      1. Awesome! I liked that one because of the great new info and lighthearted banter between the panelists. Plus it was very well organized.

        I sent an email to the FAQ address with suggestions you requested. Besides those, I would most want to see a panel that as entertaining as the previous panel but with an unexpected topic based on your sense of humor.

  8. I have an S5 and came up with an easier solution. I have an old heat-sink (off a Pentium 2 I think) that I just set the phone on. At work, I have a good sized dink coaster made out of aluminum that I lay the phone on when charging. Seems to work nicely.

  9. I gather that Fox took the phrase “Netflix and chill” a bit too literally… ?

    1. I mean, it’s boring as hell, and happened back in July, but yeah.
      I listen to it for the soundtrack mostly, because I liked the mix I made.

  10. Well, I know the perfect solution to frozen phones: flame wars! Okay, I’ll leave.

  11. Phfffft. Okay, quick question for ya. Doesn’t doing that risk freeing the LCD screen? Pardon me for asking, I’m stuck with an old fold over phone.

    1. Nah. Otherwise you couldn’t have LCD screens in cars.
      Or, ya know, ever accidentally leave your phone in the car overnight in the winter.
      I don’t know what the freezing point of LCD screens is, but if you get to that point, you’ve bigger problems.
      Many phones today use AMOLED screens.

    2. Now the battery, that can be ruined by frost if you do that too often.

  12. Get online with Mouser or DigiKey and order a few cans of component cooler, (I think it’s liquid nitrogen),
    best portable freezer going. And so much fun to play with !

  13. Hm…
    My Caterpillar S40 only cooks if I have it attached to a powerbank(and actively charging the phone battery) while playing Pokemon Go for half an hour or more.
    Playing for an hour or more, while using the flashlight function is no problem, though. It even works when the outdoor temperature drops down to ‘freezing crown jewels off’.
    On the other paw, the GPS in it is pretty much a pile of Taurus droppings…

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