1. Lucario

    For Pi day in 8th grade math class, we had to recite as many digits as we could. My best friend and I tied, so we had to recite what we knew again, but backwards. I won that one.
    My brother did it for a different competition. My 28 digits are nothing compared to his 140 or so.

    • Xezlec

      You beat me by two digits, but then I’m remembering from ~25 years ago.

      • Glenn

        Both of you bested me by better than 20 digits. All I can remember is 3.1415.

        • Rateus

          Sign, cosign, cosign, sign, 3.14159 (as sung in Third Rock From The Sun!)

          • Iron Ed
            Iron Ed

            Or a couple (probably more!) university-sourced pi’s…

            “All We Learned At Rennsselaer”:

            e to the x, dy/dx, e to the x dx
            cosine, secant, tangent, sine,
            three point one four one five nine
            square root, cube root, log of pi,
            dis-integrate them RPI.

            Or an MIT football cheer:

            ‘E to the U du dx,
            / E to the X dx.
            / Cosine, secant, tangent, sine, 3.14159.
            / Integral radical mu dv
            / Slipstick, sliderule, MIT.
            / Go Tech!’


    • kiabugboy

      Meanwhile I’m still barely figuring out how to math…

  2. glmdgrielson

    Wait, how do you get pi panels? It is beyond any sense of countable numbers!

    • Treesong

      You gonna measure it and tell her at what decimal place she’s wrong?

    • FoxfireInferno

      Stop being so irrational.

      • Rateus

        Beautiful work!

    • Glenn

      Yeah to what the first two people said PLUS, you gonna complain that Mandy is a normal human and only wants to sleep at 3:14 am? LOL.

  3. MaiCat

    I prefer Tau Day… Though due to the same sleep disorder that makes fox nocturnal 6:28 is a little harder of a time… Unless i switch to 12 hour time and 6:28 PM

    • Treesong

      Me too. Trouble is, since tau = 2 * pi, you only get to eat two pies.

  4. Tialla

    There was a time where I could sing the Frequency version of Science Genius Girl…including the section of it where they start just singing the first 32 digits or so of Pi. I’ve (sadly?) forgotten that since then.

  5. Xezlec

    Since pi e = 8.5 (about), it seems like August 5th should be the day to eat pie.

    • Ranstone

      … Well I’m confused… I stared at that 8.5 for a while… Wanna help a guy out, and explain where 8.5 came from? I know I’m tired, but this has me scratching my head.

      • Xezlec

        Like I said, it’s pi e. pi times e. pi(e) if you prefer.

      • Glenn

        e is one of the scientific constant numbers. (I can’t remember which one. I never went that far with science.)

        • Xezlec

          If y = e^x, then the instantaneous rate at which y increases (versus some increase in x) is exactly y. e may have some other properties too, but that’s the important one.

          For example, if a car is accelerating away from home in exactly the right way so that it is b^t miles away from home at time t, then e is the one and only possible value of b that would make the car’s speed exactly equal to its distance from home at every moment in time. Amazingly, its acceleration is then guaranteed to also be exactly equal to its speed and distance at every moment in time. Also amazingly, it turns out that e is always the same number for every situation like this. It’s about 2.7.

          (Nitpickers: note that I said “away from home”, which implies positive velocity.)

          • Xezlec

            And when I say e^x I mean “e to the x power”, of course.

    • Mandy Seley

      Sounds like a good excuse to celebrate twice a year!

      • Xezlec

        I like the way you think!

  6. Treesong

    Or you could get pi e i’d and abstain from one pie, but that’s not as much fun.

  7. Snowjay

    I know it isn’t the main topic, but this is the first I’ve seen you mention having DSPD/DSPS (I presume from your word choice). It’s actually reassuring to see it mentioned that somebody I consider an example of successful has a delayed sleep condition too. I just learned of delayed sleep conditions last year and got diagnosed, helping me come to terms with years of problems tied to my irregular sleep timing need. Wow.

    • Fox

      Spot on with your guess.
      I stopped trying to explain it to people, as few have both the time and volition to listen and understand.
      “Just go to bed earlier”. Wow, thanks. I wish someone had told me that 30 years ago. You’re a lifesaver.
      I finally went to be “diagnosed” (or as much as they can do so) by specialist in the field. That was the longest line of questioning I’ve ever experienced, and a lot of fun. “There’s no cure” isn’t fun to hear, but it’s great now when people try to tell you, “Oh just get more sleep” or “That’s not real” I can just shoot back with, “Oh really? Well thanks for your diagnosis there, but since you’re not a doctor I think I’m gonna stick with the one I got from the sleep specialist at Johns Hopkins.” Those last two words never fail to shut people up. She was awesome too. Really knew her stuff. Was really excited to see someone else who knew her field too. (I tend to research everything, especially if it affects me)

      But yeah. One of those “invisible” issues.
      My only recommendation is getting a night job, because I’m working one that is dayshift, and as studies will tell you about normal diurnal people who work nights–it literally kills you. The stress reduces your lifespan.

      I don’t particularly want to live to be 102 (Or past a point where my quality of life falls to unacceptable levels) but I’d like to make it to 55.

      Still, glad I could be of some help to you.

    • Shirluban

      I didn’t know about delayed sleep phase disorder.
      Turns out I match almost exactly its description on Wikipedia.

  8. Katnik

    Since d/r is the only perfect expression of Pi, one perfectly round pie is all you need.
    Which is a good thing, as each additional pie will cause your body to slowly approach perfect roundness.
    (When devouring calories, beware of endless numbers. )

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      Am I misunderstanding (or misremembering) something here? Wouldn’t d/r = 2?

      • Katnik

        oops, you’re right ! That should have been c/r .
        Terrible typo !

  9. FoxfireInferno

    My pie of choice is usually Lemon Meringue. If sticking to fruit pies, peach.

    And I know those are supposed to be cherry pies, but in the third panel, with Fox chewing on one, it looks positively Sweeney Toddian.

  10. Spector

    (Not Pictured) Fox cleaning pie out of his fur.

  11. DRB_II

    You knew someone was going to check and see if that was .14 of a panel. Well played.

    French Silk, especially from one the few remaining Bakers Squares, that’s my pie.

  12. Ranstone

    I used to be proud that I could recite Pi to the 14th digit. Curtailed’s Pi day commentator’s records quickly turned my smile upside down. 🙂 😐 🙁

    • Mandy Seley

      That’s 11 more than I can recite from memory – keep smiling!

      • Ranstone

        : )

  13. VulpineWarrior-91

    Maybe you’re right, Seley. Maybe you’re pie! Pie be your pie!

    Poor Fox – getting squashed by a comic panel claims around one life every year!

  14. Glenn

    LOL. I love Mandy’s literalness.

  15. Azal

    I work on Pi day. And 3:14 is mid shift for me.


    I am so bringing Pie to work!

  16. darevenin

    Also, don’t forget to eat PIes in front of PewdiePIe’s videos (at 03:14) and make some PIe charts.

    Happy PI Day to you!

  17. Graith

    I just try to remember Pi to the first zero, so


  18. Wolfgirl

    Bah-ha-ha this made me crack up XD

  19. Ironbadger

    At least you know that with Fox around, you life will never be boring. 🙂


  20. Kothnok

    key lime pie! YUM!

  21. Darwinskeeper

    Fox is somewhat mistaken, I believe one should eat a half a pie on pi day as 180 degrees = pi radians. Thus if the two of you divided a whole pie in half, each of you would eat pi radians of pi. ;^)>

  22. Senok el Tirun
    Senok el Tirun

    I am late, i know, but i was busy… So happy Pi day to everyone! 🙂

  23. Rocketroo

    Cherry Pi!

  24. RogueSpyke

    If I was thinking, I would have watched Pi on Pi Day. Been meaning to sit down and watch it.

  25. Lombax

    You Americans and your weird holidays… 🙂
    And I mean no offense by that, it’s just that you’re the only ones who can celebrate said holiday, because you’re the only ones who write the date backwards 😀
    Everywhere else in the world it was 14/3/17 and because there are only 12 months it will never be the 3rd day of the 14th month.

    • Abaddon

      Agreed. We in Scotland cannae have this holiday….sob…and I do so love a decent Pie.

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      …p.s. Pi Day is not an -actual- holiday. 😉 (I assume you actually know this; but, just in case… 🙂 )

  26. DarkriderZX

    Heh heh. I don;t blame you, Mandy.

    Strange, I never heard of this holiday until it was the 12th.

    Also, I now have to decide which is my favorite. Raspberry and Rhubarb, or Apple.

  27. Chayse Fox
    Chayse Fox

    That poor pie in his maw, I know they’re meant to be eaten, but the themed color accent of the day/leaking pie filling–makes it look so brutal. 😮

    I was thinking about dinner that evening, it was Taco Tuesday as well; taco pizza pies I’ve been told were a thing. No one nearby was serving any though.

    • DarkriderZX

      XD Well, Taco pizza is certainly a thing. That I can confirm.

    • Chayse Fox
      Chayse Fox

      Also, one of the creme pies are my favorites. Banana creme or coconut creme. I couldn’t decide. When the Yule holidays are around… pumpkin pie. :9

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