Takin' a short actual vacation - back soon!

Take It Easy

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  1. If you’re heading to Winslow, I sincerely hope you go see Meteor Crater….it’s history, the artifacts and the crater itself are truly incredible.

    Been there twice……still wanna go back again. 😀

    1. Yup. Was the primary reason for heading out there. It was impressive, and learned a good bit.
      Humphrey’s peak was somehow more alluring, covered in snow off in the distance.
      I need to vacation in Colorado Springs…

  2. I loved living in Arizona… But I couldn’t afford to stay there, for the wages were too low for me to live on.

  3. Next you have to go from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma.

    1. Well, I’ve been to Philly, Atlanta and LA in the last year, so I guess I should finally visit the other Washington

      1. OK, then, you’re a furry. Seriously, despite jokes that put furries three levels below Trekkies, I think ‘person interested in anthropomorphic art, writing, costuming, gaming, etc.’ should not be a stigma. I only attend Anthrocon, where the rule is ‘don’t squick the mundanes’; is there significant misbehavior elsewhere?

        1. I don’t encourage labels.
          Especially those that have a different definition for each different individual you ask.
          We’re us. We’re not conveniently described by some label invoking a predetermined mental schema.
          We are who we are, and that’s likely all the answer we’ll ever give about nigh all labels.
          In conclusion, we have none, and all are free to draw their own. People always do anyway.

          1. But then, I never mentioned a stigma. You did. So you’re likely better versed in it than I.
            And your definition, applicable to Seley and I, are not subject to many, if any stigma. But another’s might.
            So, perhaps unintentionally, you point out a fine example of why labels are not appreciated–they cause people to form assumptions. Many of those wind up being inaccurate, but yet many people will still spread those assumptions as fact.

            As such, when asked, I will almost always reject titles or labels.

  4. Y’all have a WONDERFUL time! I’ll be here when you return. 🙂

  5. Eh, your video won’t play here. I’ll blame the lack of a proprietary media player in my distribution of Linux…
    Have a great time out there–somewhere in the western half of the USA, most of which looks like that photo.

    1. That was somewhere outside Prescott, (Edit: Dewey) side of the road, cuz the sun was just coming up.
      Video player in WP is pissin me off on all platforms. Need to switch our site layout.
      Soon (TM)

  6. One always needs to take a vacation so one can recharge the old batteries. Enjoy your vacation, no matter where you may enjoy it.

  7. Take it easy. I’m pretty sure I speak for most of us when I say that you could take a year long break and we’d still be here when you got back. So kick back, relax, and take all the time in the world, you deserve a break.

  8. I never begrudge creators’ vacation time but I greatly appreciate it when they can manage a little warning. A video is above and beyond; thanks! I hope Arizona was/will be great. And full of comic ideas.

  9. Am I the only one who saw a photo of two humans and double checked thinking that you were at the wrong website?

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