Seley\  It’s been a pretty trying week, for me. Rather than try to rush through finishing a comic in time and post something I knew would be sub-par, I decided it’d be better to put it off a bit (although, clearly, I did want to draw something, so I put this together in one of my graph notebooks at work, heh).

Stoli passed on this week – it wasn’t sudden, he just got old, but it’s still weighing on me a bit (for those who saw the news on my social media earlier, thanks for your kind words and condolences – I’m fine, just need a little time).

If you noticed the downtime earlier this week, we got hit by a DOS attack — we weren’t “hacked” (they didn’t get access to anything on our server) but they were flooding the site with requests designed to overload and bring down the server. Most likely not a specific attack, just one of those jerks that scans around looking for WordPress vulnerabilities. Fox saved the day on that one, got us back online, tightened up security overall, and gave me some homework I’m still working on to harden things even further. Still a couple of things left to manage (you’ll notice little details like our custom smilies are still missing, oops) but I think we’re back to ‘stable’ again!

This is a good time to note that I was trying to keep status updates going on Twitter or Tumblr, so let’s hope we don’t go down again, but if it happens, check there for updates!

Finally, if you’re curious about the hard hat, Fox and I are both members of our local CERT – Community Emergency Response Team, and I’ve been enjoying helping out with their training sessions lately. CERT training is based around disaster response, and what we as civilians can do to help ourselves and our communities if “the worst” happens, and professional First Responders are delayed. It’s incredibly interesting, and in most cases, very inexpensive or even totally free (ours was a whole $15, mostly to cover bringing in lunch for us after our final exercise). If you’re in the US, the link I posted above will let you look for a program local to your area.

Thanks all of you for your patience, since I wasn’t sure I could pull off “funny,” I wanted to provide something at least informative / maybe a little interesting? I’ve already taken a couple of days off from my day job this week, so I can rest up and get back up to speed.

See you next week, thank all of you so much for reading! 🙂