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  1. darevenin

    When you’re supposed to have anniversary with bae, but Nintendo is life…

    Happy return, Fox and Mandy!

  2. Rateus

    Happy dating anniversary for tomorrow then.

    I’ve been in my relationship for a while and we’ve basically stopped acknowledging anniversaries, it becomes less important after a while right?

  3. BluePaw

    I too pre-ordered the New 2DS XL back in May and is currently being shipped! It’ll be my first DS as well. Already bought a physical copy of Pokemon Moon at around the time it came out… and a charger cause I was originally going for the New 3DS XL before the announcement of the 2DS XL, but since the New 2DS XL will include a charger I got a back-up instead.

    However, sadly, due to a sorting error from the courier, it’s somewhere else in the wrong direction and I’ll have to wait an additional day for it… 🙁

  4. MittoMan

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. MittoMan

    Happy Anniversary you guys!

  6. Milokov


  7. Mako

    Games are good! Anniversaries are even better! But Dodge is Best! 😛

    Poke Fox in the bumper for us and ask him to share the latest Mopar news please, and have a blast with your new DS!

  8. Browser

    I feel fox’s pain… My other half is a bit like this.
    Doesn’t stop the love, though!

    Happy Anniversary (and new toys day) to you both.

  9. Mr. Stargate
    Mr. Stargate

    Yay! You’re back!

  10. Draken87

    This is quite a change in art style. Is this a throwback to the first style the comic was drawn in?

    • Mandy Seley

      Not intentionally a throwback, but definitely a variation – I really enjoy trying out different styles/media!

  11. Ranstone

    I like the way she runs away.

  12. MviluUatusun

    Usually, it’s the guys that forget such important dates as that.

  13. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    08/24/17 – Your (Mandy’s) tweet about watercolors: I love your water jar! It’s the same thing I use. 🙂 (But I’d really love a “Yay!” brand dip jar.) 😉

  14. Timeheart

    At least she’s technically celebrating something she loves. hehe.

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