Newtonian Phoxix

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Once a joke gets some momentum it can get a lot of mileage.
I like that the post-it notes on the fridge change between panels.

Apologies to the Amazon for stepping on you.

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I love/hate the title you came up with for this strip.

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(We usually each work on separate parts of the comic, so Mandy won’t see stuff like what I make the title until afterwards)

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  1. It’s travelling in time too! It’s 4 hours BEFORE the comic says it’s posted 8)

    1. I don’t know why anyone assumes the server upon which our site runs would abide by their local time zone.

  2. I love the galaxy. I would say the colors aren’t very realistic, but then again, talking animals.

    Welcome back.

    1. … or maybe they are. Quick Google search confirms a lot of artist’s impressions are pink and blue. Guess it’s really my view from Earth that’s wrong.

    1. Heh that was my first thought too. I’m guessing that’s the fridge reference.

      1. Then hope you and Mandy and the army of hamsters are keeping well and busy.

        1. Thanks! We’re going at our (Mandy’s) own pace. I’m busying myself with storage expansion in the attic and Mandy is formatting the book and website.

          It’d all go a lot faster if we didn’t have those pesky jobs we kept having to go to.
          We also seem to lose a lot of time to sleep. 🙂

          1. You can sleep when you are dead. Totally overrated that sleeping thing.

      2. Mainly because almost all comics that take a hiatus this long are expected to be resuming when they suddenly update. Since, y’know, pretty much every comic that goes on a six month or more hiatus never updates again.

          1. I think they just did compare you to a large portion of the webcomic populace, yes. Which is why the sporadic strip outputand the Journals and Comments are all important, so you don’t forget how to do it and just say “Oh, that’s it, it’s Over!” and walk away.

            Follow the wise philosopher Bluto Blutarsky who opined “It’s Over?? Nothing is Over until WE Say it’s Over!! Was it Over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? NO!!”

            Just keep chipping away at it when you can make the time, publish one when it’s ‘finished enough’ – and pretty soon you’ll start making more time. And you won’t have to announce anything, we’ll figure it out.

  3. yes thank you for planting that particular Ceti eel in my brain again 🙁 lol

  4. This is a wonderful strip to stumble upon! Thank you for sharing a new one!

  5. Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving
    And revolving at 900 miles an hour…

  6. Heh. Well, if you keep blocking off the munchies, she may be moved to bop you one.

  7. That last panel, is that the phone number for the Yay! Brands consumer hotline?

  8. The best part of this comic is a physics teacher used the same defense to get out of a running stop sign ticket.

    1. I was almost a cop. Back in 2011, I had everything set up.
      Maybe it’s better this way. Sovereign-citizens make me trigger happy.

  9. “Well then, may I ask you to shift your body’s position in the kitchen so that the fridge is no longer blockaded?”

  10. Woo-hoo! Welcome back! Also, Fox, congratulation, that was a really good one! That kind of joke, what send back irritating roommates to the bed instantly… 😀

  11. What does it say about me that my first thought regarding Fox’s comment (“apologies to the Amazon..”) was an Amazon warehouse?

    In my defense though, I first read it as -Apologies to Amazon-

  12. I really like the work on this one. I feel like if you have fun drawing something, it shows. I might be wrong, but if I’m right, I’m glad you’re having fun drawing, without too much burden from Curtailed deadlines.

  13. Agh, why am I only reading this now? Anyway – brilliant stuff! Good to see you return, and great to see that Fox is more of a lovable asshole than ever!

  14. Okay; the “Ok, try to look like a federal agent” pics are priceless! 🙂 Both of you!!

  15. Fox, by your logic, you aren’t taking Seley anywhere; the universe is. You better step up your game.

  16. is Phoxix an alternative spelling of phoenix? I can’t find a defintion of what a Phoxix is 8(

      1. Oh I got that it was reference to Newtonian Physics, but still can’t work out what Phoxix is meant to be

  17. Did I miss a notif about this site being down or the comic on hiatus?

    1. Site’s very rarely down, but since May…well, scroll down a bit (News section) or read through the comments.

  18. If you are reading this, I wish you (and everyone else) a Happy New Year!

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