1. BluePaw

    For some reason reminds me of the fridge from Pajama Sam… it moves when it sings.

  2. AlyxVixen

    Something similar happened at one of my RP games. One of the players had dropped his bottle of Irn Bru, and against the group’s advice decided to open it just after. He do so carefully so to release the gas in a controlled manner, took the top off, triumphantly held the bottle in front of his mouth, said “See, it’s fine!” looked down to take a drink at which the bottle suddenly doused his face in an orange column of fizz and wetness…

    • Mike Blackwolf
      Mike Blackwolf

      “Doused ?” It was full on cartoon his head vanished in a spray of irn bru (such a waste) all you could see was his ponytail sticking out the back of it.
      When the flood subsided his was was a picture
      Then to top off the insult, Alyx lent over and sweetly said
      “Told ya”

      • Adamas

        *BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry. The image of that with Ms.Vixen’s avatar just had my side splitting.

  3. asebw

    why is it so angry? What did fox do to the poor fridge to earn its ire?

    • Fox

      *shrugs* Weren’t me.
      All my beers open just fine.
      Selective shaking?
      (It’s my fridge from before we started living together. Had it several decades now–inherited.)

      • Kyle

        I know that angry face

  4. ellielee

    Hey Mandy I’m still working on the comic I was talking about some time ago, I’ve been busy with high school and stuff. I have the rough draft done and a few panels done with pencil, I’m so sorry it’s taking me so long

  5. McMashMead

    See, this is why I like caprisuns

    • nightarix

      never look up what people find in them then and hope you never run across such a batch.

      • McMashMead

        Too late lol. And now this is why I like juice. Plain and and simple 🙂

  6. Enigma

    Tisk tisk tisk you need to show that fridge who is the boss I suggest a 8 lb slege long oak handle in the the corner and every time that happens you smack it with the slege until it stops shaking the pops or stops working what ever happens first. :3

    • Xezlec

      No! The antagonistic approach to fridge-taming was debunked long ago. Modern fridge ranchers know how to build a relationship with their fridge using positive reinforcement rather than abuse.

      • Enigma

        I don’t do cute and cuddly I favor bloody ouchy but then I like cats far more then I do a dog so that could be why ;3

  7. Welsh Rat
    Welsh Rat

    Just for once, Fox is innocent??????

  8. V4V

    Always crack it before you open it

    • Rateus

      Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  9. Glenn

    THAT explains it. I’ve always wondered about how that happens.

  10. Fate's Warning
    Fate's Warning

    If your fridge shakes like that, it’s time to get a new one – the compressor and its mounts are in really bad shape! The first time it caused a beer to spray all over me would be the last – the 11th Commandment: Thou shall not waste beer or coffee.

  11. Marscaleb

    Your fridge wants you to spell like a raging alcoholic.

    • Marscaleb

      Frik; why do I only post comments with huge spelling errors on site that don’t let you edit your comments?

  12. Fox

    The fridge just likes entering Mandy into impromptu wet t-shirt contests.

    • Glenn

      I’m sure Mandy doesn’t lose her temper at all when that happens, even though you might enjoy the view. LOL. BTW, what color blue does the air turn when this happens?

  13. Rateus

    Has Fox been playing fizz roulette again? That’s one of my favourite games!

  14. duddly

    Reminds me of chuzzels when you leave the cursor too long on one of them.

  15. attic rat
    attic rat

    “The refrigerator is shaking!”

    “Well of course it is–it’s COLD!”

  16. Brighttail

    Poor Mandy, just cannot catch a break. I see you blame the fridge.. I think it is still a sneaky fox!! 🙂 Impromtu wet t contests are fun!

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