Services Rendered

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 He offered to make this a “really happened” tag – I declined…

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  1. I know the feeling. I keep trying to wipe the fingerprints off mine… And I refused to use the stylus until I got screen protectors for it.

    1. Problem is though is that it’ll have to be replaced sooner or later.

    2. Yeah, although I don’t own a 3DS (or any DS for that matter), I understand the feeling; I’m constantly taking my phone out of it’s case *just* so I can wipe it clean…

    3. To be fair, I never used a screen protector for my first DSi, and the screen never got scratched and could always be wiped clean.
      My first 3DS survived having whipped cream leaked onto it. Took off the back plate, cleaned it up, never had a problem.
      All of my Nintendo handhelds (and I’ve had almost every one, heh…) have survived being tossed into bags and hauled around with no protective case with little more than a couple of scuffs, maybe.

      Nintendo knows what they’re doing when they manufacture these things, they’re made to be abused by kids and keep working. When a few problems DID start showing up, mostly related to the hinge point, Nintendo’s response was to offer an even STURDIER version – the 2DS.

      If they made a phone, I’d be all over it…

  2. Fox bites inedible things often? Also panel three my fav expression I’ve seen in these comics, it’s a Mona Lisa of “upset”

  3. I was the same when I got my 3ds, now I’m at the point where I just use fingers instead of the stylus more often then not.

  4. Supposedly Dale Earnhardt did something like this to Neil Bonnet when Neil got a new 4-wheeler. 🙂

  5. I assume the touching really happend while the biting didn’t, not sure about the rubbing.

  6. Fox may be an asshat but he does have a point. If something’s too nice to use, its useless.

  7. Very funny…, especially the Fox nibbles and Seley’s expression in the last panel.

  8. This may not have happened; but, for some reason, I believe Fox would do something like this, just to be “helpful”, of course. LOL.

  9. Oh, I just looked at the strip again and I LOVE Mandy’s eyes in the first panel. She has such cute puppy dog eyes.

  10. Simple problems often require simple solutions. As was the case here *satisfied nod*

  11. Be careful… It is said that the road to hell is paved with good Nintendos.

    …Or something like that.

  12. Just popped in to say “I love this comic”
    Been in Engineering for 35 years, and
    Fox is the kind of guy that makes it bearable.


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