1. JetBadger

    Santa seems like a comical superhero movie villain… I’m betting it’s Joker, hence the use of bright red lipstick.

    • DaveEscape

      I don’t see any stockings, so maybe Santa backed up the toilet.
      WITH COAL.

  2. Alex

    Fox and Tom from Eddsworld should team up next year

  3. Brighttail

    “Naughty list forever,” eh? 🙂 🙂 I get the feeling that Fox doesn’t care about this, but the grudging respect he must pay Santa. Oh and that Vixen phone number he must attempt.

    • DaveEscape

      Santa is a capitalist who lives in the North Pole to avoid taxation and misrepresentation of “the working class elf”.

      Santa rewards those who have been good all year, but to the naughty he is a level 100 Legendary class Troll.

  4. Dan Lansdowne
    Dan Lansdowne

    Ohhh, that tail trap is gonna smart!

    • DaveEscape

      Nein; Mandy’s tail is so fluffy it is just shy of bullet proof. A bear trap like that would feel like the tap of a pencil’s eraser on her finger, no more, no less.

  5. DaveEscape

    Ooooh … I see Vixen on the wall; seeing as how she is essentially a female version of Fox (Quite Literally) I’m a give that number a call.

    Is it weird that I would date Opposite-Gender-Fox? Yes.
    It it a fantasy of mine that I have had for some time and mind admitting it? Yes

    • DaveEscape

      Wait a minute … that’s REINDEER Vixen … oh my, this is embarrassing.

    • Treesong

      But who’s that under Vixen? Could be dashing Dasher, but my guess it’s Dancer in his Astairean top hat, white tie, and tails.

  6. CD Rudd

    Country code is 1.

    Depending how you look at it, North Pole, Alaska is country code 1-907-xxx-xxxx

    The northern polar region is mostly under Canadian jurisdiction, which case, country code and area code is 1-867-xxx-xxxx.

    Greenland also has claim to areas of the northern poles, there country code is 299.

    And lastly if your trying to call the Russian side, there country code is 7.

    Hope this helps ya Fox. 😀

  7. Fox

    It’s not as though we haven’t met before.
    I just lost her number that time. 🙂

    • TANAG

      I was wondering if that was supposed to be same character. :p

  8. McMashMead

    Sadly, the human element is the only failure in a perfect plan and seems to screw everything up, yet sometimes make everything so much better

    • Chayse Fox
      Chayse Fox

      He probably filled the house with an anestitizing gas in anticipation.

  9. TheDerangedOne

    … Dunno why but this sorta feels like an inverse payday gang heist for some reason. Inverse as in end result, not skill level. anyways….

  10. Greyryder

    I love that the cameras got gift wrapped.

  11. Mopruk

    Fox found the only thing that can beat the pure power of the Christmas Spirit… Lasers…

    • Glenn

      But, he failed to take into account that Santa is an electronics wizard. That’s why he can’t be caught in a simple bear trap.

  12. Glenn

    Fox, I love your rendition of “Deck the Halls”. I love a good parody of an established song.

  13. Fox

    Santa just has the same powers as Hiro Nakamura.
    It’s the only explanation that works.

    • DragoonWolf

      It’s not that Santa has the same powers as Hiro but that Santa and Hiro are the same person.

  14. Mad David
    Mad David

    Only Fox would consider leaving Christmas presents to be littering.

  15. Fate's Warning
    Fate's Warning

    This reminds me of my father when I was a little kid – every year he used to tell me and my sisters that he was gonna wait on the roof with his gun for Santa and shoot him and his reindeer … and every year we’d fall for it.

  16. Enigma

    Oh Fox you done and forgot to mine the roof with clamores and line the chimney with razor wire half way down. As for the lasers ya IR is not the way to go you want to use the UV ones as they can’t be seen and have THEM targeting all entry and exit points with fast acting nerve toxins.

  17. BlueAnubis

    Fox, you naughty (list) boy! You’re a married man now. What’s all this calling mysterious reindeer women? (Unless Mandy is in to that?)

    • Fox

      We’re double agents.

  18. Omar's Drawings

    Such Traps, Much Sneak, Very Effective (Also, Not a fan of Pokémon)

  19. Ranstone

    Well, I guess if I had night vision goggles that could noticeably enhance a fox’s own night vision, I wouldn’t really care if I was on the naughty list… Unless of course, if the reason I don’t have said goggles is because I’m on the naughty list…

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