Seley\ As it says- I had a sh*tty week. This comic is basically a doodle to vent some frustration (parodying the character reveal screens for the new Super Smash Bros that came out this week) with a punchline grafted on.

Crunch time at work had me working tech support/helpdesk for a system I maintain and that’s supposed to be used to log information throughout the year. Everybody waits until the last minute, though, so I was working late and inundated with calls and email arriving in 5/10 minute intervals all day long, most of the week. There was a lot of frustration flying around the office, and a good chunk of it was being taken out on me, because that’s part of what people assume tech support is for.

Top that off with some tendinitis from overwork and a bad habit of tensing up way too much when I’m stressed out, so I was doing this in double wrist braces for a few days. At least they look kinda cool and street-fighter-ish.

Deadline’s passed and my wrists are feeling better after a few days of being stabilized, though, so the worst is over!