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  1. Face no.8 is totally my fav. Very good drawing on all of them.
    Do tell though, did you make fox actually pull all those faces ‘as reference’ (for drawing)?

    1. I’ve asked him to make some faces before, though not necessarily all of these.

      The top right face he does all the time, though. I call it muppet face. Look at that epic frown. 😀

      1. Top-right makes me think of Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” character. 🙂

        1. Yeah…..but Walter’s eyes aren’t so wide……more ‘squinty’. ;^D

  2. Funny faces are always fun to draw. For me, though, I enjoy coming up with the context a bit more.

    I have an addiction to slapstick. Help plz.

    1. I’ve read some who did – then they ended up w/ left/right issues. I’ve also read some who used webcams to take selfies w/ the desired expressions. 2nd body would most be required for POSES, since its hard to pose and reach the webcam button – and no way for pose correction feedback w/ a cellphone camera. NOT using a mirror for poses also allows moving around the subject to get different perspectives on the pose.

      1. Use a GoPro camera and control both ‘start-stop’ video as well as single frame pix with the GP app. And your smartphone becomes your vid monitor.

    2. Hard to blackma… Ehrm… I mean that’s a good idea… Yea…

  3. And the Webby for “Best Use Of A Tongue To Destroy Any Semblance Of Seriousness” goes to Mandy. (poor Fox, they don’t give the models any prizes)

  4. You guys must be a scream at the photo booths; I wonder what family photos of you guys must be like XD

    1. They’re quite mild actually. Except for some reason Seley can’t seem to sit still. ^_^

    2. Thinking of the Calvin And Hobbes cartoon. “We can’t send these to the relatives for Christmas. They’ll think they’re blasphemous.”

      1. I grew up with Calvin and Hobbes; I used to feel bad that they were no longer being made, but after a while I was actually kind of glad. They will never get old or boring.

  5. An alternate last-frame might be: “If you hate that show so much, why do you keep watching it?” “It keeps my face from getting flabby.”

    And that’s why you have a web-comic, and I don’t.
    Other than the “I can’t draw” thing.

  6. Torch on the wall? I thought it odd that she’d hung a Dairy Queen soft serve cone on the wall! 😛

      1. In the immortal words of the internet:

        SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!

  7. 1: Appraising 2: Unwelcome interruption to dark plotting 3: Reaction to others’ embarrassment 4: Incensed 5: Skeptical 6: Comical disgust 7: *suggestive content* 8: x_x

    Pretty much my thoughts on those pics. X)

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