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 Continued black-ink-only, and a spooky-lookin’ brew, for October! Fox’s favorite beers are ones so dark they’re easily mistaken for motor oil.

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Mandy celebrates Inktober
I celebrate Drinktober

I’ve had to specify “…that isn’t Guinness”
1. Guinness is Guinness, it’s not beer. It gets a class all its own
2. Once you’ve had it in Ireland it doesn’t taste right here.

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  1. Okay. That is how I like my beer most of the time. Granted, now and then I like the strange brews here in Quebec, but the darker the better. I usually test it using a maglite to verify.

    1. I like a nice hefeweizen. What’s everybody else’s favorite type of beer?

      1. My favorite type of beer is one that’s anywhere but where I am. (I can’t stand to smell the stuff ever since I got sick off of it many, MANY years ago.) LOL.

      2. “Root” is mine. I’m ambivalent between Barq’s and A&W, though.
        (I don’t drink anything alcoholic.)

        1. Ever try cider? A friend and I once brewed a cider with a bunch of honey in the mix too that had a really meady flavor.

          1. Had a cherry cider a few months ago that was nice. Most apple ciders tend to be way too dry for my taste.

  2. If you can find them, try some Baltic Porter from Poland: Zywiec, Okocim, Ciechan, Warminski, etc. There will be no turning back. Incredibly tasty, about 8-10% alcohol, and you need a sharp knife to cut it in slices.

    1. You should try Baltic Porter from a local polish brewery not just a big company. 😉 I tried Milk Stout with maple syrup from Fortuna Brewery couple days ago. It was amazing, dark and dense as tar!

  3. I totaly agree, you HAVE to drink guinness in Ireland, it just dosent taste the same anyware else, even here in england it tastes diffrent

  4. Mmmm… a good dark beer is a fine thing. Dark as midnight, heavy as eating breakfast, and pure deliciousness.

    I will note that there is a brand of such called ‘Old Engine Oil’. It is not bad.

    Personally, I love McMenamin’s Terminator Stout. Nummy.

  5. When in an apothecary or laboratory, the best thing to do is mix all liquids in your sight range. Then drink them, if they leave enough substance behind after the fireworks.

  6. “Once you’ve had it in Ireland it doesn’t taste right here.”

    Very true, Guinness doesn’t travel.

    1. My understanding was that Coors used to “not travel” also. I think they changed something about it in the late-1970s(?) to fix that. I heard it also ‘fixed’ its goodness. (I don’t drink so don’t know first-hand.)

        1. Burt will be happy you remember him! 🙂

          There is a (very) hopped-up black TA of the correct vintage here in town with a “Bandit” license plate. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. You mean the beer you have to drink at Le Dernier Pub avant La Fin du Monde?
      (Only a few will understand this pun)

  7. Mandy, I’m sorry to hear about Biscuit. You have my sincere condolences.

  8. There’s always Russian Imperial Stouts, like Victory Brewing Co.’s “Storm King”.

    A friend once handed a bottle to a bartender on a military base. He poured it into a mug, and put one of those tactical flashlights underneath, that can give people a tan. It did not shine through.

  9. So dark beers, not stouts, milds or porters the? Interesting. I’m preferring brown ales/amber ales at the moment, they seem to have a really good depth of flavour.

  10. “This is grain; which any fool can consume, but for the lord intended, a much higher form of consumption. So let us all give thanks, for beer.”
    Friar Tuck
    Robin Hood King of Thieves

  11. If I see an imperial stout it’s what I order, but those are few and far between here in pubs around here. Pretty much all stouts really. Or porters. But most places around here only have lagers and ales as their darkest.

    If I really feel like punishing myself I’ll drink a Belgian Quad. Cuvée Van De Keizer is my go to.
    Cup of the King
    It will absolutely, 100% of the time get me drunk and happy. Something about it ensures it works and gets me drunk–something that doesn’t happen often.
    But something about it will also ensure that 100% of the time I’ll have a hangover the next day–something that doesn’t happen often either.
    Technically Dogfish Head’s Raison D’extra is a Belgian quad, with a higher alcoholic content, and a favorite of Mandy’s, but she hates my Belgian quads.

    1. If I remember right from my hobby of beer brewing, you might have been experiencing the effects of a beer with higher fusel alcohols or ester content. As the stories go, fusels get you drunk faster and cause fiercer hangovers.

  12. Well, I’ve never been to Ireland, and actually never developed a taste for alcohol, BUT I know how you feel.
    I had a can of 7-Up. While in Hawaii.
    Made with local Hawaiian sugar.

    After returning to the lower 48… it’s just not the same. Not the same at all.

  13. Best dark beer i had was Orkney porter. Got me completely sideways.
    Those Orcadians know how to make decent beer…!

  14. My brother is definitely one for darker beers (Guinness being one of his favorites), but personally I’m not one for dark brews; Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPA is my personal fave. My brother also loves beer so much he made a microbrewery in our backyard shed XD

  15. Franlky, that looks like really bubbly root beer. But then I only ever seen Simpsons beer.

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