Intermission 2¾: This Time It’s Personal

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Hey all! Mandy tried to compress about three weeks of work into one as she was finishing up her job, including working all weekend. Top onto that having family visiting from out of state, and there just wasn’t any time for a comic. But the family visiting made for a decent sketch!

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    1. Apparently the same for human ears (From Alabama and somehow people think I’m either English or Irish)

  1. Great art for the single panel entry! Plus great title reference for the Naked Gun sequels. I wanted to ask if the “Future Fox” comic had any pop-culture references you put in?

    PS: Thanks so much for this entry!

  2. I guess if you were going to have server troubles now is as good a time as any! Hope the new job goes well, the old job ends well and you get settled back down into a more comfortable routine soon.

  3. Hmmm….
    I do not have a cel phone, so I don’t quite get this one.

    Take what time you need, Mandy.
    We’ll still be here when things ease up a bit, hon.


  4. On boy if I had a nickle for every time that siri didn’t understand me. (East coast and southern east coast accent here) Thankfully I have never had a problem with Cortana. Which is amazing considering how I speak.

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