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 ‘Nother sketch, but I’d call this one at least half a comic? Starting to adjust but I still feel like I’ve been sprinting to keep up the past few weeks, heh.

The new job is going great so far, but there’s been a little culture shock! I went from being around mostly engineers to being around mostly marketers / writers / reporters, from sitting mostly in solitude all day to a dozen friendly faces saying hi to me before noon. So far, I love it, and my team is awesome.

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  1. You know, charisma is only really good for selling tomato fruit smoothies anyway.

    1. We just need one for Fox now; hopefully they don’t forget his critical strike chance against bunnies.

    1. Wisdom what’s that?
      Constitution that’s the drinking skill right?

      1. Well, we’ve both Master’s degrees, and are autodidacts, so WIS is a bit high.
        I dunno about Mandy’s CON, but mine clearly got the Die Hard trait. I’m too fkn stubborn to die, and too cursed to be allowed happiness from something as common as alcohol without starving myself 24 hours first.
        Except my eyes. If I were a boss fight those would be my weak spot. They’re hyper-sensitive for some reason. LASIK wasn’t supposed to hurt and felt like someone shoving a hot poker in my cornea.
        I guess that works out though–the hero never wears a helmet, but if I were a boss-fight I’d be wearing the strongest Great Helm I could get my hands on.

  2. Funny how that doesn’t come across at all online where you seem thoroughly charismatic!

  3. I thought Mandy was dancing the “Cha Cha Cha” in the middle there. XD

  4. That’s bull. Fox could never creep up on you if your dexterity is that high.

    …Unless his is impossibly high. That actually explains a lot.

      1. Though, real life doesn’t seem to match character sheets terribly well. I usually say DEX is my dump stat. I don’t like fiddly little tasks–that’s Mandy’s domain.
        (Ignore the fact that I solder electronics–I don’t know why that doesn’t bother me.)
        But reflexes have always been high, paranoia forced perception through the roof, and stealth got a massive bonus growing up because I have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. (Or Disorder, or whatever they call it these days) That basically means I’m nocturnal.
        When you’re the only nocturnal member of the house most days, it seems (and I only realized this by discussing it with others affected by this since childhood) you’re forced to develop a soft step, out of fear of waking others in the house. You learn every creaky floorboard, and apparently whatever gait is required to walk without making noise.

        Put all those together and I sound like a Mary Sue, but you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you my character sheet managed to match every feat with an equally impressive flaw of some sort. Having DSPS alone is a nightmare–it’s living life on hard mode if you work a day job. It ages you faster. Stresses you. The soft step is the least it could do as an apology.
        I should get a night job…

        1. Ditto what Fox said – real life doesn’t map well to six skills.

          I argue I’m a high INT/DEX build because most of my strengths lie in problem-solving and manual dexterity. I could also argue I’ve got low to average INT/DEX since I’m a scatterbrain with nothing special in terms of situational awareness, agility, or reflexes.

          1. Your build is that of an artificer, which seems suitable to someone of your apparent talents.

        2. Thank you for mentioning DSPD, Fox. I googled it out of curiosity and there is a scarily high amount of coincidental similarities between it and myself…. I may be speaking with my doctor about it in the coming months.

      2. So is there a way to get a big poster from that Surgery scene? I’d love to hang one up where I work…

        1. …I have very seriously considered making “wash your hands! you’re disgusting!” posters to sell / post next to hand sanitizer bottles everywhere 😀

          1. I wish I could get one for my brother! His new puppy doesn’t have all her shots yet, so we all gotta sanitize when we visit.

          2. I seek that comic out sometimes, just for that poster. The other one I do that for is “BEEEEEES”.

  5. D’aww. This comic’s so cute! Also awesome videogame analogy, two thumbs up.

    I sympathize with both introversion and awkwardness. It gets worse with less sleep.

    Person: “Good luck with [x thing that only I am doing]!”
    Me: “Thanks, you too. …Wait…”

    Person: *says something that invites a response*
    Me: *makes no sound*/*nodnod* or *makes sound that isn’t a word* or *gives one-word answer*

  6. Loving the half-a-comics — they’re great! 😀 Hope things get better soon!

  7. It’s kind of frustrating how many people I look up to think that they lack appeal or something. It makes me feel like “wow, if YOU don’t have charisma, *I* don’t even have a goddamn chance!”

  8. Fortunately, intelligent + awkward = ‘Adorkable’, which is perfectly okay.

  9. I can completely relate. Back when I was in college (*mumble* *mumble* years ago), some friends and I went white-water rafting. Five different times while waiting for our put-in time, an employee of the rafting company wished us a fun trip, and all five times, I replied “Thanks, you too” before catching myself. The lady at the front counter heard it all, and by the last one, I could tell she was having a hard time trying not to burst into laughter.

  10. Heh… Sympathies! My charisma stat must be pretty far down there too–that point where one automatically distrusts any acquaintance who acts like they’re a close friend, and regards sales/marketing as untrustworthy deceivers, wretches from the Stygian depths of some unimaginably horrific corner office.

  11. Can sympathize here! I very quickly reach my “social interaction quota” for the week, beyond which all communication occurs as monosyllabic mumbling.

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