License to Overkill

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It’s really, really important to be specific.

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This comic is only ‘reality inspired’ because rather than fireworks, I simply looked Mandy in the eye and inhaled as much as I could before she went wide-eyed and said “Wait!”

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I was told that, as a child, after attempting to get someone’s attention and not being heard, a parental unit instructed me to “yell loud”. I reportedly then inhaled deeply and yelled “LOUD!!
If the theory of Nurture vs. Nature is to believed, I’ve always been hardwired to take everything as literally as possible–I’ve simply gotten better at then considering alternative meanings before acting. To this very day I still pause when a coworker asks how I am, as my brain first processes my current state of health and mood before the subsystem responsible for societal norms takes control and says ‘Fine, and you?’. Meanwhile my logic subsystem rolls its eyes at the inefficiency of unvalued queries.
It’s really no surprise I’ve spent my career interacting with computers whenever possible, and with humanity only when I’m present to entertain.

23 comments on “License to Overkill

    1. Big red: Eardr(um) smasher
      warning you hate (nei)ghbors, right?
      Grey behind it: Holy () this is loud
      Dark red: cacophony
      Grey on top: bom(b)
      Small red: tinnitus
      Big grey: (a)rmagedd(o)n (get?) outta he(re)

      Parentheses denote assumptions.

    2. From left to right: Eardrum Smasher (Warning: You hate your neighbours, right?), Holy s**t this is loud, Cacophony, Bomb, Tinnitus, Armageddon Outta Here

      1. I appreciate the slightly hidden “warning” label on that Eardrum Smasher 😛

  1. Lol where I live fireworks are illegal in the city limits. Nobody cares so for the 4th every year we always bring a bunch home so we have a large stockpile of un burnt fireworks from previous years…

    1. Batman: ToS 🙂 TV 1965-7 🙂 Loved it! (especially Catwoman! ;-)) 🙂

      1. I’m not completely sure; but, that may actually be a scene from the 1967 “Batman” movie! 🙂

  2. As someone with borderline Aspergers Syndrome, Fox’s logic makes perfect sense to me.

  3. Trust me, life’s a lot more interesting when you don’t answer “fine”. Social norms may require a one- or two-word answer, but there is so much you can do with those one or two words!

  4. *Pleased sigh* Fox and I think SOOOO much alike on multiple levels…..ESPECIALLY when it comes to ‘Boom Stuff’.

    With no exaggeration whatsoever let me state that during my ‘terrible teens’ in the 60’s, I was actually known as the neighborhood ‘mad bomber’. It was bad enough that I was building and launching model rockets from my yard over the lake with little commercial ‘Estes’ engines. The REAL fun started when I started making my own engines and formulating my own propellant compounds. Let’s just say that my first few attempts were little more than “a pipe bomb with fins”. *Tries to look innocent……epic fail* 😀

  5. Long time reader of this wecomic, loving every moment of it as well. Just feel I need to tell that, for me at least, the comic before this one doesn’t have functional forward buttons in the archive.
    Other than that, can only nod and smile at Fox’s reaction in this one. Heheh.

  6. If this has been up for the better part of two weeks, why am I only just now seeing it?

  7. I usually respond with “Just shoot me.” It saves me from having to compile a truthful response that makes sense to anyone besides myself.

  8. Hey Fox … I don’t have a Twitter account (won’t get one either), so I’ll respond to your car repair tweet here (I hope Mandy doesn’t mind). Try heating the hell out of the bolts if you can – a propane torch is ok, but MAP is much better – then quench the bolts with water.

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