Mail Mission

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 My hero.

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This is why she never gets any pop culture references.

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  1. I’m ridiculously reminded of my family interactions here.
    I’m pretty sure I’ll be jealous of your relationship even after I’m married myself (though I am getting the ideal parts only)

  2. “Take a sword”… Uh-huh…
    You know, even if ninjas really could deflect bullets then even a gun couldn’t help. Actually, there’s always ‘ol good shotgun: too much projectles to deflect! Nothing can resist a good buckshot in close combat

      1. A shield? Hm, having a grenade launcher is illegal… Okay, you have the point, shield is… Super effective!

        1. Technically it’s a miniature G-defusor. The same device used in his Arwing to keep G-forces down during flight. So essentially he’s ‘doing a barrel roll (aileron roll)’ when the reflector is deployed. He also uses said device to move at high speeds (fox illusion and fire fox)
          I need to go to sleep if I’m over analyzing a screenshot

          1. A magnum is nowhere near Falcon Punch. According to some dude on YouTube doing math (my sources may be weak and false), but apparently Falcon Punch has the somewhere around the same force as the welds most powerful non-nuclear bomb

    1. More honour and skill in a sword then a gun. Sword fighting takes lots of skill and practice and is something that truly can never be mastered. A gun is just point and pull the trigger.

      1. There aren’t many masters of the gun mostly because it is really easy to be mediocre with it and that is usually fine. But a master of a gun is scarier than a master of the sword in my opinion. Someone that can just simply take you out whenever they want is sort of frightening

  3. Do you get many Ninjas between the door and the mailbox? Or does you mean fans wanting autographs and selfies, Seley?

  4. It’s fine. Knowing Fox, he probably has a firearm stashed in a false bottom of the mailbox for such an eventuality.

  5. I would have told her to just punch the ninjas. Or give them a dollar. Cuz we all know ninjas are for hire 🙂

  6. Hmmm, what secret things has Mandy been up to that she is concerned Ninjas might be after her.

    1. Her comics are too good. A competing artist hired them to knock her off and bro some readers over to themselves

  7. Just sic the yaoi fangirls, including the male ones, on the ninjas. Fangirls can be terrifying things.

    1. I wouldn’t say the gentleman is dead; he’s dying, but he’s not dead.

  8. Seley…..Girl get it together. Yer a LEOPARD F’Chrissake….one of the deadliest nocturnal predators on the planet. With the strength to haul a full size dead antelope up a tree to nosh on in peace. THAT’S nuthin’ ta sneeze at.

    You don’ need no stinkin’ sword… gots strength, speed, TEETH & CLAWS. The ‘ninny-jas’ need to be afraid o’ YOU. 😉

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