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  1. Your friends no doubt understand this ‘hazard’, and practically scheme to visit to see if anything shows up within the strip (a hazard of being a pleasantly-silly cartoonist, and interesting folk :} )

      1. I think hitmen would be great friends though. I mean, they can take out anyone, they know a guy everywhere, and they are rich. Plus they seem to never sleep. Best friend ever.

  2. See, you say “hazards,” but all I hear is “benefits.”

      1. Free booze is the key. The one thing I miss from the USAF is just HOW MUCH stuff you could get/get done for a couple cases of beer or other booze.

        And the comedic potential of a boozed up friend at a party cannot be overstated or underestimated. 🙂

  3. I imagine the free booze is also a catalyst for silliness and comic mishaps.

  4. “Free booze” writes it’s own comedy. “Comedic fodder” is an existential State of Life.

    Hey, thanks for Curtailed! I got a pointer this way from The WhiteBoard a while back and have been following & plundering the archive. Very impressive how fast the art & style evolved, and the humor has been great.

  5. Careful they may join the Comic Actors Guild and start demanding a percentage of the net. At which point I assume Fox gets gross.

  6. free beer is often the price of hilarity also sometimes dignity
    but unlimited beer and friends who know when you’ve had to much is often worth it.

  7. I’d be your friend but there’s probably a downside to being crippled in that I wouldn’t be able to read the comic…

  8. I would of thought that this contract was understood if you were a friend of Fox and/or Seley

  9. If you’d told him he could be a star, would you have saved the beer?

  10. I do hope that’s a joke. I know if anyone told me to sign a legal document just to hang out with them I’d stop coming around.

  11. Pff hehe! I can’t help but hear this in Dan’s voice, and his expression is priceless! Also, he is totally a hyena xD
    Great work ~!

        1. Apparently it’s required when trying to get out of the insanitorium. Someone probably should have let me know when I tried to leave. The drugs and free food were great, but the waiters suck. They pretend to be nice then the next moment they are restraining and sedating you. All I wanted was to see if women tasted different than a snake. That was the only way to distinguish the two.

          1. They also don’t like when we find a way to get online. Apparently multiple personality disorder can be confusing online.

          2. But what about the nice people in white, pillow room and hug jacket?

          3. I have no complaints with those, other than you can’t flip the pillows in the pillow room over, but staying there for 30 years without going outside once gets really boring and depressing

  12. You know it’s going to be one of “those” parties when each person signs a waiver, and is handed a bottle of vodka and a magic marker.

  13. When you anthropomorphize your friends, do you do that based on any attributes or do you just go “He seems hyena-ish”, or have you ever gotten “A water buffalo, really?”

    1. I usually just ask ’em.

      Sometimes they try to come up with an animal that suits their personality, sometimes they just tell me “my favorite is this!”

      More often than not (as was Daniel’s case) they end up polling their friends and looking for a consensus. I think hyena fit his personality, runners-up were a golden retriever or some manner of weasel.

    2. I decide what they should be by the way they look.

      Then I silently judge them when they pick something else.

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