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  1. The expressions on her face speak their own words
    Panel 3: “oh what this now?”
    Panel 4: “wait what?”
    Panel 5: “oh right… this is fox after all”

  2. I would say that is tooo funny, but it’s not. Just hilarious! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. My family has a rule. “Before you sit…” Requests are only binding if the entire request is out before they actually sit. If they sit before you finish, it’s now your task.

  4. I’m curious about the 5 seconds after the last panel, but I have a feeling it’d spoil the joke…

    1. Seems like something to discuss with either your podiatrist or your mother.

      1. We’ve suspected you were loony since the strip started. πŸ™‚

  5. all that effort to be lazy and still show such innocence.
    i think i see a halo resting on horns on his head.

    just have to ask do you do this stuff instinctively or jokingly
    sadly its funny to me either way for different reasons

  6. What the heck is that large grey thing behind Fox’s left shoulder in panel 4? It’s too smooth edged and flat looking to be his tail. :-/

    1. There’s one little bit of jaggedness at left to show it’s fur, but it baffled me for a while too. I forgot that foxes have darker tailtips.
      This may be the funniest ‘Fox is an asshole’ ever. Fox’s last expression and Mandy’s last three are all superb.

  7. Better then my solution. I would just tried to put it out by throwing things at it from the couch.

  8. “The first time your significant other suddenly becomes ever-so-slightly less significant.” (I kid! It is but a jest!)

  9. We all know that one person. And if you don’t, you’re that person

    1. Hah. I’m more of a lovable scamp. Or a smarmy bastard. But affectionately referring to one as an asshole sums all those up. I’m just not a dick. Don’t be a dick.

      Mandy’s personality has never had the aggression or default spiky defense mechanisms in place to be tsundere. We’d never have gotten together–I’m repulsed by that attitude, because I used to exhibit a bit of it. As such, I know how to shatter it. And that’s really what they want. It’s just exhausting. College was exhausting. Tsundere requires an extreme dom/sub combination that isn’t an ideal relationship in my eyes. I’m clearly the dominant/stronger of us, but Mandy is the only person I met who came close to being my partner. So she beat out all the other women who wanted to be a princess for the taking, those who wanted to ‘rescue me’ from myself, and the hard asses putting up a strong front just because they wanted someone strong to rescue them.

      1. And you obviously complement each others personalities perfectly.

        I consider you both VERY lucky to have each other.

      2. Just curiosity here: Would you have done the same had Mandy asked you to blow out the candle instead of flatly telling you to do that?
        Or am I reading the comic wrong? That’s not unusual for me.

        1. “Always choose the option that will make for a better story.”

          If I hadn’t immediately thought of something funny, I’d have just blown it out.
          I don’t do ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ among friends for stupid little tasks. It’s a waste of time, energy and breath. You express gratitude when it’s significant or it devalues the word. Mandy tried to train me to say it and in the end I pushed back and trained her to stop saying it.

          “Hand me the garlic, please.”
          “*sigh* Hand me the garlic.”

          Actually Killua isn’t a bad comparison for people trying to figure out my personality.

          1. Eh, whatever works for you.
            To me, saying “please” implies that you are equals, while not saying “please” implies that the one speaking has authority to command the other.
            But that’s my quirk, and you are perhaps better off without it.

      3. I find you as a nice guy, just very straightforward, honest (a bit too much for politeness), and you have a very strong sense of humor that escapes way too much. But those are other peoples problems, not yours

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