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As someone who is mostly of Irish ethnicity, I’ve no sympathy for racist vegetables.

I’m of the opinion this whole comic was nothing more than an excuse for Mandy to write stupid labels on everything, which are the actual punchlines to the comic.

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  1. Organic Tear Gas, Potats, Fox Chow, Mandy Chow, Fox Fud, Snakes, Cookie Cat, Rice, Salt, Maxim Tomatoes (ha!), Can in a Can, … … Souls and Diet Souls?

    1. Also 1-up Mushroom, Fancy Pants Vinegar and Gamer Tears. Nice. My local shops stops stocking the liter bottles of gamer tears months ago.

  2. …. I wonder how many racist and stereotype jokes can be made using vegetables as analogies.

  3. Q: How do you know if an Irish potato is being harassed by onions ?

    A: Look at it’s eyes and see if any of them are full of tears.

  4. I will admit, I looked up why you are supposed to it makes sense.

    No I am not ‘Actually’ at you, I am just saying your comic caused me to google something I didn’t expect to. Congrats.

  5. I like the hen granades most. Works in german too. Huhngranaten. Most of the rest works too. 1up mushrooms…

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