Holiday Travel Tip

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Better late than never! Squeaking in one last comic for 2019. Hope your holidays are great, and that the guy in full plate doesn’t get the middle seat in your row!

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I don’t see what the problem is. I emptied my pockets.

13 comments on “Holiday Travel Tip

    1. Nah, this is one of those comics where one of the characters comments on a single, full length comic panel from a bubble up top.

  1. Aww, did you get a new hamster and not tell us (in comic form)?

  2. “No Officer, not trying to smuggle a hamster through security by pretending it’s a hat.”

  3. Bulkiest outfit would be far too hot. Especially if youโ€™re travelling from Australia to a colder climate.

  4. Should’ve put on the Hulkbuster suit instead that 08/15 medieval “canned Fox” rag *takes cover*…

  5. Well, a protection like this should be legal on airplanes..

    Merry Krisprolls and Bappy New Year, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I don’t see the issue here, there’s no weapons present, and all metal in the outfit is declared.

  7. As someone who travels a lot with suits of reproduction armor I find it easiest to fit all the smaller bits of armor inside the cuirass. Place bundle of armor into the center of the bag and stuff the rest of your possessions around it. The helmet is usually in the carry-on bag.

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