Still Can’t Handle the Proof

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  1. So, based on Mandy’s reaction, I’m curious about the drink; what’s she reacting to? Is it spicy hot? High alcohol content? Repulsive taste? Icy cold?

    1. Looks like a reaction to high alcohol content to me. Also that would be generally consistent with their oft-referenced high level of alcohol consumption which Fox is rather worryingly so proud of.

      1. If you drink booze for the taste, you get drunk off of half a glass.
        If you drink for more then the taste, you’re born genetically immune.
        life is cheeky.

  2. Okay, yeah, if this really happened, you HAVE to tell us what the drink was. It’s orange, so a Screwdriver with a stupid amount of booze in it?

    1. A screwdriver with a stupid amount of booze in it is called a Long Slow Comfortable Screw Against the Wall. It contains vodka, gin, southern comfort, galliano and orange juice served over ice in a tall glass to people with titanium livers. Enjoy.

  3. I see similar reactions by some extra sour drink, but that wasn’t alcoholic so i really wanna know too, what was inside that glass.

  4. I thought it was a reaction to a slightly acid orange juice (which is still perfect, thanks to vitamins :D)

  5. A little stronger, and she just might of trasnformed! Or exploded… Something like that.

  6. Heh. Fox, you have GOT to make it out to Further Confusion, if only to attend the Klingon Party.

    1. *googles*
      *laughs at the idea of flying to CA*
      My rule about conventions is pretty universal: “Are we sponsored guests?”
      Otherwise I’m still paying off the cruiser and trying to save for some acres 2 hours away I can escape to. Can’t be dropping several thousand on flights and hotels. We’re lucky donations cover most server fees for this website. 😛

  7. Looks like a typical reaction to my first cup of coffee in the morning.

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