Government Worker Bees

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 Remember, holiday travelers! The TSBees are your friends. 🙂

Here’s the article I’m referencing in the strip, although there’s a lot out there about the potential of bomb-sniffing bees! They really are hoping to use bee squads in airports – although their methods are a little more controlled…

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    1. I THOUGHT the badger in the last panel looked familiar. Thanks for reminding me. LOL.

  1. Obligatory Nicholas Cage reference goes here. Incredible expressions for the characters in the third panel, especially the center one. Reminds me of the Katsucon crowd comic. Also, the comic seems similar to Frank Miller using only one color with black and white. I also noticed googly eyes on the character in the left center row of the third panel.

    1. What about equally obligatory Batman quote? Why yes I have seen Atop the Fourth Wall.

        1. Oh snap, I thought you meant from All Star Batman and Robin (ASBAR), not Amazons Attack.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Two days and then set free, but they look like they are being held against their will, strapped down.

    How does this actually help them reproduce and become less resistant to diseases? It is amazing that they can even do this tho.

    Arrgh CONFLICTING feelings! 🙂

  3. Of course that being said, I’ve got a major phobia of anything that is small and flies. It stems from being out in the Everglades when i was young and a swarm of bees was apparently moving hives and flew by me, well surrounded me in a massive swarm and sent me screaming for my life. I didn’t get stung but was scared for life.

    So I would so be like Seley here running for her life! 🙂

  4. That’s very similar to another thing I had read about. They were testing a bomb-sniffer device that looked like a metal detector or something and blew air over you, but what you couldn’t see was that inside the device, the core component was a cage of trained rats. Actually there were a couple of cages so that they could work in shifts. But only the technicians maintaining the device would ever see them. Apparently it worked really well.

    1. Thank you; this was supposed to be in the comments above under the comic.
      That will be rectified.

  5. I cleared the rented lab in that video after the company went bust. I was asked for advice several times and they asked me to do private electronics work for them. I had no hesitation in refusing.

    The basic idea was sound, but the method of detecting the Bee’s reaction had not been properly developed and tested. They were running before they could even crawl and spent most of their time seeking investors.

  6. Ah Muzen Cab approves of this post.
    P.S. Mandy’s nose is boopable. Totally.

  7. Is it wrong that I feel this would actually be an improvement over the current TSA situation?


  8. Well, I can’t see myself asking a swarm of bees, “You proud of yourselves? That this is what you do?”

  9. This is the second funniest comic about bees you’ve ever made. XD 😛

  10. Even better… Make them Vulture Bees.

    Those are the ones that spits that nasty dissolving spit onto dead meat and chew it all up in the process to make delicious meat honey… Yes, it is literally death honey.

  11. As a government worker “bee”, I find the comic hilarious. I do recall hearing about the concept previously.

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