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  1. Love the “Silent Knight”! (At least he doesn’t say, “Ni!” 😉 ) I forwarded this one to my friend who’s into RenFaires. Currently he specializes in ancient medical stuff and -very- early guns. Plus all the more “normal” stuff, of course. 🙂

    Any chance of your posting an enlarged copy of that dialogue do’s&don’ts? I’m not on Twitter and can’t see the whole thing. What I see looks quite interesting and useful.

    Thanks! and MERRY CHRISTMAS, MANDY & FOX!!

    1. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but you don’t need a Twitter account to see the full pictures. Just click on one and it’ll pop up in a full-size overlay.

      1. Okay; now I’ve gone back and relooked at the pic. ChibiR is correct. However; it required single-clicking on the picture twice. The main pic is actually -4- pictures posted together. I could not tell that before because there are no visible dividing lines to give me that clue. So; 1st click is on the tiny pic in the Twitter feed to bring up the screen overlay. 2nd is another click on the big picture to break it out into 4 separate pics that can be clicked through to see each one fully. (The single full-size pic version has a bunch cut off on the right.)

        Thanks, ChibiR and Mandy!

  2. You could make some decorative tabards, rotate them for the holidays. Christmas gets a green one with a coat of arms with a pine tree design, Easter get’s a super colorful egg coat of arms with pastel chevrons on the boarder, so on….

    You know, there may be a market for this. Heck, for my first cosplay I made a nice Gilgamesh costume (FF5) I could do something like that with. Theme up his weapons into a tannenbaum spear or the like. Still need to make a good stand for it though.

  3. “The light and ribons knight will protect these treasures until the last of my lights goes out!”

  4. I would totally do something like that! Sadly we don’t have any space for a suit of armor. My personal area is a couch and half of a coffee table. On the bright side, my wife put LEGOs in my stocking!

  5. The fact that this is in “Home Improvement” is really cracking me up. Merry Christmas! Hope there were lots of presents under the knight.

  6. Now [i]that’s[/i] how you keep visitor’s kids away from the gifts.

    …Rigging the helmet to turn a little now and then might be fun, too.

    1. You could probably find something to get it to look at any approaching heat source. Also add in something to give the inside of the helmet an ominous glow.

      Getting it to do so silently is another thing.

      1. I don’t know… A nice metallic scraping sound as the helmet slowly turned might have a positive effect.

  7. The new Christmas equivalent of a scarecrow to protect the presents from Grinches and Scrooges. 😛

  8. Dearest Camilla,

    It is I, Sir Knight Von Chivalrous. Words cannot express the longing I feel for thine embrace, alas I must remit a sole apology within this letter. As you know, the oath of a knight is his badge of honor, and for the fortnight I have been kept as hostage by two mutant animal people.

    My captivity has been a strange one. One incessantly tinkers with incomprehensible materials and contraptions that, to my horror, seem to work almost of their own accord with blinking, flashing lights and howling calamity. The other, which I presume to be female and the tinkerer’s mate, has violated the honor of my station by turning me into a makeshift Christmas tree. I demanded in repetition,


    But it would not hear me by volition or condition, and alas I am remanded to my prison of lace, lights, and livery. My dearest Camilla, do not fret for me; I will return. They seem good intentioned, although their definition of it seems to differ from my own and as such I have not come to harm, only humiliation. I will see you again.

    Always yours,

    Sir Knight Von Chivalrous.

    P.S. Buy a lint roller; Seriously. I have fur hairs … everywhere.

  9. That leopard print box looks just about the right size for an AR-15 or 10/22, we wonders what it is! 🙂

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