Animated Intermission
(Click play to watch this being drawn!)
  1. IBTYComics

    Thanks for adding the video, it was very insightful as a tutorial and shows your hard work and unique process, such as erasing part of Fox, flipping the image probably for easier drawing, and using layers for coloring the rings. Hope next week is great for ya.

  2. TachyonCode

    Oh my goodness…

    By the way, as a fellow artist, why did you flip the image while working on it? I’m just curious as to whether it was critical to a specific technique, or just made things easier for you… I often have problems whenever I flip stuff like that, for some reason.

    • Eagle0600

      I believe many artists flip their works in order to get a fresh look at them to spot any flaws they may have otherwise overlooked.

    • Glenn

      I’m not an artist but I believe that, if I were, I’d want to flip a drawing so I could use my strong, i.e. drawing, hand to do both sides of the drawing equally. For example, I’m left-handed and drawing something on the left side of the paper would be easier than drawing an equally important thing on the right. Therefore, flipping the drawing would allow me to draw both sides on the left side of the paper. Of course, Mandy might do it for a different reason, such as the reasons that Eagle0600 gave.

    • Mandy

      Both of the above answers! Flipping sometimes helps you see a picture with fresh eyes and notice if something is off, and especially on curves it was more comfortable on my drawing hand to draw some of it when it was flipped – on my regular comics, that just means lots of turning the drawing paper around, heh. Thanks for asking!

  3. Robin Bobcat
    Robin Bobcat

    Awesome! Caught the little easter eggs. :3

    • Lucario

      Yes, the smileys were pretty funny. I like how she preserved them as long as possible while filling in the colors.

      • IBTYComics

        Plus the particular copyrighted character in blue when coloring Fox Keegan’s shirt.

  4. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    That drawing video was quite entertaining! Thanks for that, Mandy! It was too fast for me to really keep up with, but it was still entertaining. 🙂 I hope the next week goes considerably better for you, but Thank You for this little teaser. I definitely enjoyed it.

    • Mandy

      There should be three speed options for the playback, maybe it clicked over to a faster one? thanks for the kind words!

      • Iron Ed
        Iron Ed

        I’m not the most observant… 😉 Thanks, Mandy! I’ll go back and look for that when I have time.

  5. Treesong

    Fascinating! Thank you!

  6. Candor Zofain
    Candor Zofain

    Does your wanting to draw this have anything to do with Rooster Teeth posting a Play Pals video of this game yesterday?

    • Mandy

      Nope, I don’t keep up with Rooster Teeth, but nice to hear they have good taste!

  7. Randomize27

    I am NOT an artist. But I really enjoyed watching this take shape. Caught many changes of idea, like the dress going lower, then strapless, first red, then green.

    Thanks, it’s great to get a chance to see inside the mind of the artist.

    I am curious about the flipping side-to-side. Was that because it was easier to work on the DS that way, or was it because you were checking for errors?

  8. Glenn

    Mandy, you make me jealous while looking at the end result of your hard work. But, watching you create it increases my jealousy 10 fold. (Damn, I wish I could draw more than stick characters. But, at least I can describe them. HAH!) LOL. My avatar was the result of commissioning an artist to draw her for me. The artist said that, if every person who commissioned a drawing as as detailed in their descriptions as I am, her work would be significantly easier. So, I’ll just stick to my writing and leave the art work to the more talented among us.

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      What artist did you use, Glenn? An artist I’d like to commission wants a sample to look at, but I can’t draw well enough to make a decent one. BUT; I can write! …a little. 😉

  9. DaveEscape

    Meanwhile, as I am trying to draw in the first time in months:

    • DaveEscape

      *for the first time*

  10. Chelsea

    This is so cool! I didn’t know the 3DS has such a fun art program. The sharing feature is especially nice, I hope we get to see more of these in the future from you. c: Might have to pick up a copy myself.

  11. Traveller

    So… what exactly is supposed to happen? When I click the “play” triangle, all I get is a little multicolored star-thing in the center, that spins forever. Waited ten minutes, nothing else happened. [FYI: Am using Safari on a Mac.]

    • Mandy

      Not sure – the video itself is embedded here but hosted ColorsLive’s servers, so it might have been on their end? I’d try again later!

      • Dr. Optigan

        It doesn’t work for me in Safari (5.1.10), either. It does work in Firefox, however.

  12. darevenin

    Gotta go fast!

  13. Gthefurrybiker

    Cool 🙂 As i always find, best way to familiarise yourself with something is to fanny about with it for ages.
    Nice to watch the drawing coming together, especially the rewind/erase/redo bits.

  14. Cronos

    Impressive. Even if you had a blueprint for a vague posing, this just speaks of a lot of routine (and a lot less redoing, than I would imagine). How much time did you need in realtime for that?

  15. glmdgrielson

    An attitude, tons of enemies, and a running mate with the mind of a four year old. (No, it’s not another presidential election).
    Is this relevant to the comic or modern politics? (It’s a EGM ad for Sonic 2.)

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