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 I used to be into astrology – my excuse is that we’re a couple of fire signs who really need a couple of earth signs to move in next door and make us FINISH all these great ideas we start!

I asked Fox to give me a species to use for the random neighbor stand-in here, and he said “bandicoot.” I never knew what one looked like, they’re really cute!

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  1. I especially like the expression for Fox’s face. Are they wearing the overalls from the yard work tamper comic? Is Mandy Seley drinking Red Bull or the sketch intermission brand Red Bee? I really am amazing and inspired by both of your work ethics.

    1. I think you are overlooking the fact that Mandy is holding a book named “Schemes & Ideas”
      Whatever scheme these two are hatching cannot possibly end well for whoever they plan to perpetrate it against. XD

      1. Plus it looks like Mandy Seley is carrying a metal hose similar to the mad scientist crossover comic.

  2. Considering what you -could- be doing, home improvement is a great thing. That and PokemonGO, you’ll both be pretty fit for awhile. :3

  3. “Woe to the weak canary that fluttered from its’ cage.
    Woe to the pampered pekinese that faced Growltiger’s rage.
    Woe to the bristly bandicoot that lurks or foreign ships
    And woe to any cat with whom Growltiger came to grips.”

    They are cute until they get on Growltiger’s bad side.

    Sorry Cats is back on Broadway. Kinda a think.

    1. Uka Uka will crush stupid spinning rat thing! CORTEX! Activate the portal!!!

      1. Actually, now that I think of it, Fox should definitely put his know-how into making a Wumpa cannon.

        1. Great reference, and Mandy Seley’s more accurate version of a bandicoot looks nothing like the video game versions, including Crash, Coco, nor Tawna.

          1. NO! Please tell me that Crash, Coco and Tawna are more realistic than this one. ROFLMAO. What can I say? Video games are anything BUT accurate in anything they portray. LOL.

  4. Is it weird that I think Mandy looks absolutely adorable in that last panel?
    … adorable after what looks like a 59 hour long sleepless stretch? LOL

  5. Ah yes….
    Too many hobbies or projects.
    I know that state of being all too well.
    Take heart.
    The number of projects will go down inevitably, eventually, as you run out of room…..;P


  6. Huh…I would have guessed fire signs. Which ones, if you don’t mind my asking? 🙂

    And your faces in the last panel are hilarious.

    Also, a recording studio? I didn’t know you played music!

      1. Ahh, thank you. 🙂 See, I’m a musician, so I read “recording studio” and automatically think “*music*”, lol.

  7. Don’t worry about that. You guys finish more projects than I start. I admire your energy and joie de vivre.

  8. A recording studio? (gets demo material together) Where are you guys, again? 😉

  9. … Is it just me that thinks Fox and Seley are deliberate messing with the head of their neighbour?

  10. Man, you two seem like voodoo zombies only without the “master” part, which is probably worse.

    1. Like a master who said “Go create–” then promptly had a heart-attack and died, leaving us with a single, eternal order.

      1. Without giving you an end project. Wow! That’s turrible. (Being southerners you know what I mean. LOL.)

  11. Bandicoot came up because of a tiny phrase from a cartoon that’s stuck with me for decades. One of those little grains of knowledge that got wedged somehow in a way that you’ll never forget it.

    I’d recently finished up the third season of Bojack Horseman, had a thought about how PB reminded me of the golden from Road Rovers. During one episode they’re trying to match scents or something, forensic style. A character is going through an alphabetic index of animals. In the B’s he says “Bandicoot? No…” and the golden says:
    “Bandicoot. Cool!” and gives a thumbs up.

    This was a nod to Crash Bandicoot, a character who was later voiced by the very same actor.

    All this having floated back into the forefront of my mind, when the question was poised, this answer was given, seemingly randomly.

    1. This is why we can’t stop ourselves. That’s the kind of BS nonsense churning over itself as a background process in my mind while I’m busy doing things that matter, and they typically turn into another project entirely.

      1. I can relate there, Fox. I’ll be writing a story and, SUDDENLY!, a new idea forms in my head and I find myself off on a completely different tangent. Right now, I’ve got the story I’m uploading to my FA account and two more I’m working on. It can get SO confusing sometimes. LOL.

  12. This comic goes a long way toward explaining the occasional consumption of vodka.
    “I drink to forget–the project I was going to start next!”

  13. I’m late, but I wager this is where my GF and I (water/earth pair here, apparently) would be right now if we were further along in life and I was slightly more successful: suffering from Projectitis.

    Right now it’s a matter of *getting started* on all our good ideas. Any tips?

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