Seley\ Β Let us plan your wedding, too. We’re really good at this.

Fox\ As long as money is no object. πŸ™‚

The WIP pictures I mentioned:

Painted the shield (hardware not in picture)

Self-made buckle & belt for said shield

Drying the chainmail after dipping it in floor polish (twice, once upright, once upsidedown)

This is what happens to cold mild steel if you didn’t keep it oiled

And this is how you clean it up with a wire wheel (Still some residue, but it was about a minute of work)

This is a bead roller.

This is what it makes.

Then you curl it

And get greaves.

How do you keep patterns on metal?
If it’s ferrous, you use magnets. πŸ™‚

Then you roll it.

Items on the left are ready for leather. Still going to add brass accents I think.

Wasn’t thrilled with my football shoulder pad inspired armor, so I ordered some backup gear. Then tried it on when it came in…despite only wearing a robe.

My custom contacts also came in… :3