Here Comes the Ride

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Β Let us plan your wedding, too. We’re really good at this.

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As long as money is no object. πŸ™‚

The WIP pictures I mentioned:

Painted the shield (hardware not in picture)

Self-made buckle & belt for said shield

Drying the chainmail after dipping it in floor polish (twice, once upright, once upsidedown)

This is what happens to cold mild steel if you didn’t keep it oiled

And this is how you clean it up with a wire wheel (Still some residue, but it was about a minute of work)

This is a bead roller.

This is what it makes.

Then you curl it

And get greaves.

How do you keep patterns on metal?
If it’s ferrous, you use magnets. πŸ™‚

Then you roll it.

Items on the left are ready for leather. Still going to add brass accents I think.

Wasn’t thrilled with my football shoulder pad inspired armor, so I ordered some backup gear. Then tried it on when it came in…despite only wearing a robe.

My custom contacts also came in… :3

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  1. Better yet, have Mandy drive a motorcycle or monster truck. πŸ™‚ That would be totally awesome to have at a wedding.

    1. I approve and wholeheartedly support the Monster Truck idea!!! :V

      …But would it fit through the church’s doors…? O3o”””

      1. Its a Monster Truck she could just MAKE IT FIT! :3 and look at it this way the church would get a free renovation of the doors in the process.

        1. We have confirmation the wedding won’t be in a church captain, I have sources to believe it’s gonna be in an open area! So OPERATION BIGFOOT IS A GOGO BABY!

          I repeat: OPERATION BIGFOOT IS A GOGO!!!!! W000T!!! \o/

    2. I’d say the motorcycle would be a no-go … especially if it was a dirtbike (which would be REALLY cool!). There would be too many places a wedding dress could get caught up in. I do, however, love the monster truck idea.

  2. Fox, where did you get the contacts?! That exact style would perfect my Halloween costume!

    1. Halloween is serious business, man. Gotta plan ahead.
      Even if they were in stock, they still took over a month to get to me in the U.S.

      I’m just happy they don’t spin like I expected them to. They seem to stay pretty straight on my eye, but then the curvature of my eye seems to be perfect. I’ve never had issues with contacts.

      1. Well, I’m doing the same character at AnimeNEXT next year, so I’ll get em’ for then

  3. any chance you can show us a video recording of the wedding? i think it would be AWESOME to see it hehe

  4. I like in the third panel, Mandy mom is facepalming at the quad bike entrance.

    1. Holy crab you have one hell of an eye… I could barely tell it’s her mom… O.o

      Nice catch tho, hadn’t seen it ’till you said it! XD

    2. While I can’t swear it’s Mandy’s mom, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is her. She does seem to be a bit unnerved by some of the things the Mandy and Fox have come with for this wedding. The old, “Where did I go wrong with her?”

      1. It’s her mom. She’s sitting next to the bald eagle that represents her father. πŸ™‚

        1. Well, that explains why her father wasn’t on the ATV with her. After all the father (figure) is supposed to escort the bride to be down the aisle.

  5. …if your wedding doesn’t make the paper, I will be VERY surprised.

  6. I’ve played with the football style shoulder armor. My problem was you can’t really move your upper arms beyond, like, a ten degree angle up while reaching forward… The vambrace, greaves, and leggy-arm armor looks fantasterrific. And the contacts… very foxy…

    1. This exactly. I’m going to have to grind more under the shoulders to let my arms raise, if I even use it at all at this point.
      The stuff I bought is gonna be much harder to beat than I imagined, and I don’t have dishing equipment to try to round this out.

      1. Gotta love your dedication and attention to detail, Fox! I was thinking, is there any way you could have access to an English Wheel? Or would that give someone a sneak peek into what you have planned and possibly ruin any surprises you and Mandy might have up your collective sleeves?

        Anyhow, CHEERS! \m/

        1. I wish. I’m pretty much the craftiest person I know as far as heavy duty hardware goes, so I can’t turn to anyone for metal working tools of that size. And it’s too expensive and bulky to justify putting one in the house. (For now) Would love to have one though.

          1. I had to google English wheel because it was bugging me that I didn’t know. Now it seems pretty obvious now. It just takes a bit of thinking.

          2. Given your apparent aptitude for fabrication, have you ever thought of working for a custom motorcycle/car garage? Just think of the possibilities – you’d have access to all sorts of toys without having to buy them!

  7. “…and that’s when your mother flew in across the aisles in her Yamaha …”

  8. You guys should totally build a custom, armoured-looking buggy to make it all even cooler!!! XD

    Also, so sad to see she apparently really won’t be wearing a Tank-dress… ;~;

    Omg you guys are awesome, now I wanna, when I find my soulmate and we start thinking marriage, have mine as awesome and creative and full of cool stuff as yours!!! XD

    Yay creative weddings!!! \o/

  9. I think we’re set. Too bad this show sucked:

    Glad I got the heavy-duty cycle police parts. πŸ˜‰

    1. Looks like grass and a cloth aisle? I like the addition of the lanterns, especially if it’s a night wedding. I love the clear “Christmas” lights, when hung on poles and lit up, it’s warm light, but looks like little stars or lightning bugs instead. πŸ™‚

    2. Never would I ever think anything like that, Fox. In the short amount of time that I’ve been following this webcomic, I’ve come to the conclusion that doing anything traditionally would never cross your minds. Case in point, wearing a suit of armor as your wedding suit. LOL.

  10. I like the look the guy, Preacher?, behind Fox has on his face. Looking back toward the reader like he’s thinking, “What have I gotten myself involved in here?”

      1. After looking at the panel again, I see that the character is a badger. (I hadn’t noticed until you pointed it out.) I guess my mind was looking at it from a different angle than was actually used.

  11. I love Seley’s tongue sticking out in the 2nd panel. PERFECT!! πŸ˜€

    1. I’m slightly concerned at the angle she’s coming in at. It denotes a ton of speed and she obviously went off some ramp so she may not be able to stop in time. And there’s your over-analysis of a comic for the day

  12. Enjoyed the congregation and vicar scattering in terror and Fox holding his ground and looking proud!

  13. I hope you two know that you’re the reason my boyfriend and I have started talking wedding stuff. We’re not even engaged yet…

    Than again, I never said that was a bad thing. πŸ˜‰

  14. So my wife and I have been reading this for about a years now and just love how everything is so alike to our own lives but with these last few ones my wife just turn d to me and said I am so glad they are getting married after us you tried to do all this and would have used the comic as an excuse that other people do this to

  15. I love how the Priest in the middle of the walkway, just turns around and starts to run with a look of barely composed terror.

    “Nope! Nope nope nope nope NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!”

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