Seley\ Given the popularity of the Container Store, I know I’m not the only one who hoards boxes “just in case.”

Engineer thinking is very similar to what many call “How men think”. It’s nothing but a recursive problem-solving loop. But when the recursions start getting high, you need to maintain all that memory to bounce back to the original subroutine, so nothing else can get in the way. We’re busy. We’re in “Work mode”. Example:

-Problem Identified: House cluttered
-Call (Clean_House)
–Program Halt–Storage requirements exceed storage capacity
–Call (Expand_Capacity)
—Call (Secure_Storage)
—-Call (Evaluate_Capacity)
—-If(OK){print “OK”;Call (Gratitude); RETURN}ELSE{Call (Evaluate_Capacity)}

As you can see from the debugging, ‘RETURN’ was hit in panel 3.

This is why you don’t bother people while they’re working–you have to wait for free cycles. 🙂